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Reaper Unleashed (Deadside Reapers #7)(16)
Author: Debbie Cassidy

I missed him, but at least he was safe.

I rolled onto my side and let out a shriek at the sight of two beady, black eyes staring at me.

“Fucking hell, Cyril, you scared the crap out of me.”

My python friend raised his head. “I needed sssome air.”

I hadn’t seen him in several days. “Where’s Delphine?”


Yes, he’d mentioned that the last time we spoke, and at the time it hadn’t clicked what he meant, but now it did. “Wait…do you mean… Are you going to be a dad?”

“It would ssseem so, although it’s all happening so quickly.”

If I wasn’t mistaken, I’d say Cyril was nervous. “Do you love her?”

“Delphine isss wonderful. She’s my mate.”

“But you don’t want offspring?”

He was silent for a long beat. “I’ve never thought about it. It’s not something in my nature. Offspring are just…offspring.”

I’d read about ball pythons. The females hatched the eggs but after that the babies were usually left to fend for themselves, but Delphine was something else. A mystical snake that lived on Keon’s back. Or had done until she met Cyril.

“If you love her then support her the best you can. Find out what it is she needs and see if you can give it to her.”

“And if I can’t?”

“Then you need to be honest with her. She deserves to know.”

Once again Cyril was silent and then he slid off the bed and was gone without another word.

Shit. Maybe I should have said more?

Cora appeared at the bottom of my bed. “Do you plan to lie there all day? So, you almost died? Pfft, big deal. You’ve lounged enough. Let’s go out.”

I pushed thoughts of Cyril aside for now, and sat up, pushing my hair off my face. “I can’t. I should get onto my reaper duties.”

“Sorted,” she said.


“I spoke to Dayna and we got you covered. Today is about manicures, pedicures, and facials. I booked us in at the spa.”

“You did?” I was suddenly wide awake.

Cora grinned. “Get your ass in gear so we can start the day. Girl time.”

It turned out that girl time was just what I needed, and the pretty barbie pink toes and fingernails were the icing on the cake.

“I missed this,” Cora said, slinging her arm across my shoulders and pulling me close. “Hangout time.”

“Me too.” I leaned my head against hers as we walked down the street together. Passers-by turned to stare, and why not? We were two powerful, alpha females, and we were hot. Yes, I felt hot and kick ass, and today was an epic day.

“Wanna get a bite to eat before we head back and I’m forced to hand you over to all the testosterone?” Cora asked.

I stifled a giggle. “It’s not that bad.”

She arched a brow. “Uh-huh.”

“Fine, maybe there is a lot of testosterone in my life.”

“But you love it.”

“I do. I love them, and I—”

My wrist tingled and my vision blurred, and I was looking at Leana as she smiled up at me and handed me my change.

Shit, I was in Cain’s head. Looking through Cain’s eyes.

I think it’s time we spoke. You know where to find me.

“Fee? Fuck, Fee!”

I snapped out of the vision to find Cora in my face, her eyes wide with concern.

“What the fuck?” she asked.

“I know where Cain is. We need to go now.”

She took my hand and dragged me onto an empty side street. “Where to?”


We made the jump, materializing in Lumiers’ back yard then took the alley to the street.

“You’re sure he’s here?” Cora asked.

“Yeah. He invited me to join him.”


We got to the doors, and Cora grabbed my hand. ”I’m staying close. Like touching distance close. He tries anything, and I’m poofing us the fuck out of there, got me?”

“Um, Cor, the wards.”

“Fuck.” She winced. “Still staying close.”

“Hell, I’m not arguing.”

I slid the cuff of my wrist. “I need to get this cuff on him, but I think it’s best if you hold on to it. I mean, his attention will be on me, so hopefully you can snap it on him before he can stop you.”

Cora studied the cuff and then pressed the catch so it sprang open. “I got this.” She slid it into her jacket pocket. “Let’s go catch us an immortal.”

Leana looked up from wiping the counter and beamed at us. “Well if it isn’t my two favorite customers.” She didn’t even ask what we wanted but set to work on the drinks. Mocha for me, hot chocolate for Cora.

“Hey, Leana?” Cora said. “Any interesting new customers lately? Male?”

Leana’s mouth popped open in surprise. “Actually, there is a guy. Been in a couple of times. Kinda strange—talks funny but real cute.” She jerked her head up at the balcony. “He’s here now actually.” She frowned. “Ordered a mocha and a cinnamon swirl—your usual order.”


It had to be.

“Um, thanks Leana. Can you hold the drinks for now?” Cora said. Her gaze flicked up to the balcony.

Leana tensed. She must have sensed something was off. “Is something wrong?”

“The guy might be dangerous,” Cora said. “But you have wards. It’ll be fine.”

She nodded curtly. “If you need back-up, just holler. I have a carafe of steaming coffee to hand at all times.” She tutted. “He looked so gentlemanly. Just goes to show, you can never tell.”

“Thanks, babe,” Cora said.

She nodded at me, and I went up the steps first. I had no idea what this guy looked like, but my gut told me I’d know him when I saw him, and sure enough, there he was: broad, regal, long dark hair, hawkishly handsome features, and slate gray eyes that matched mine in color, and strangely, shape too.

He locked gazes with me and raised his mug to his lips to take a delicate sip. Yes, this was Cain, and he was expecting me.

I approached his table, positioned by the back wall. Hell, he had his back to that wall, and I knew that move. The move that meant no one could sneak up on you.

I pulled out a chair and sat. Cora did the same. His gaze flicked to her and then to me.

“You didn’t need to bring a bodyguard,” he said.

My insides quivered at the sound of his voice as the memory of the last time I’d heard it stirred and surged up to grip my mind. Yes. This was Cain, the voice from Purgatory. The immortal who’d gotten into my mind and tried to kill me.

“I’d like to apologize,” he said softly. “For my tulpas’ attacks and for my invasion of your mind. None of it was personal, I hope you understand that.”

Fuck if his tone didn’t drip with sincerity, but Eve’s words of warning filled my mind. I couldn’t trust this guy. He was powerful—so powerful he’d had to be locked away. So powerful he’d manifested tulpas to kill me from his enchanted slumber.

“You asked me to meet you.” I’d make this about him and let him think he was driving.

“Yes,” Cain said. “I felt it was time I met my sister in the flesh.”

Wait, what? Had I heard him right?

“Did you just say sister?” Cora asked.

Cain ignored her and kept his attention on me. “You remind me of him, you know. Abel. He had the same silvery hair.

Eve had commented on my hair. I’d assumed she was comparing it to Cain’s, but she’d obviously been talking about her other son.

“His death was…unfortunate,” Cain said. He sipped his coffee with a sigh.

Death? Murder more like… But wait. I was still hung up on the sister thing. “I’m not your sister. I’m your descendant.”

He smiled thinly and shook his head. “She didn’t tell you, did she?”


“Eve. I assume she drew you in for a tête à tête once she realized I was awake.” He sipped his mocha. “You’re my sister, Seraphina Dawn. Yes, you were born into my bloodline, but you are Samael’s and Eve’s daughter. I sensed it when I was inside your mind.”

“I don’t get it,” Cora said. “How is that even possible.”

“Magic.” Cain looked at Cora for the first time. “Samael and Eve must have combined a fraction of their essences and sent it into the ether to be born into my bloodline…Samael’s bloodline, when the time was right. You are my sister in all the ways that matter.”


“I did not want to kill you. I’m glad you survived.”

Once again, he sounded sincere.

I wasn’t buying it. “Eve said you’d want revenge.”

He’s eyes narrowed. “Revenge? Yes, I’ve waited a long time for revenge.”

“Look, I can’t let you go around hurting innocent people.”

Something dark flashed across his face. “Innocent people?” His smile was wry. “Of course. The village I slaughtered.” He nodded slowly. “Of course.” There was an edge to his tone now. “Eve and her perspective.”

“Perspective? “You have a different story?”

He looked away and shrugged. “Maybe.”

“Well?” Cora said. “Spit it out then.”

He let out a surprised chuckle. “You’re either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid. Do you know what I could do to you?”

Cora leaned forward across the table. “Nothing. Not in this place. It’s warded.”

His smirk sent a chill down my spine, and then Cora was gagging and clutching at her throat.

What the fuck? What… He was doing this. “Stop. Stop it!”

Cora sagged, glaring daggers at Cain. “You made your point,” she bit out.

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