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Immortal Born (Argeneau #30)(3)
Author: Lynsay Sands

Allie started to shift her attention away when a flash of silver caught her eye. It wasn’t from a wristwatch, or a ring one of the two detectives was wearing, but from their eyes. Her blood ran cold when she saw the metallic glitter in their depths. When one of the two new men then looked her way, she quickly ducked behind the curtain, her heart racing and the world wobbling again.
Allie forced herself to take a couple of deep breaths to steady herself. She was seriously low on blood at the moment. If she were a car they’d say she was running on fumes. At least, that’s how it felt. It was what had precipitated this risky and ridiculous venture of robbing the blood bank. It was also going to slow her down. But she needed to get out of there. And without those two “detectives” seeing her.
Allie considered her options and then crossed the small curtained-off room to the opposite side. There, she dropped to her knees and peered under the curtains. Not spotting any feet moving around in the next curtained-off area, she crawled quickly under. There was someone on the gurney here, but they were curled up on their side, clutching their stomach with their eyes squeezed closed in pain.
Thinking that was fortuitous, Allie quickly scrambled around the gurney to the opposite side. Still on all fours, she paused to check this new area. Here, there were feet and legs in white shoes and pants. Fortunately, even as she spotted them, they turned from the gurney and moved out of the curtained area. The moment they did, Allie crawled under the curtain here too and scrambled toward the opposite side.
“Hello?” The question was part surprise and part dismay from the gurney. The voice sounded like an old woman’s, but Allie didn’t glance around to see if her guess was right. She merely muttered, “Hello, sorry,” and scrambled out the other side of the curtained area where she climbed carefully to her feet. It was the end of the examination rooms, if you could call curtained-off areas that. This was a small alcove with cupboards and a sink right next to a door that she suspected led to the rest of the hospital and other exits. She moved to the end of the uncurtained alcove and risked a peek out.
The doctor had moved away from the two detectives and they were now talking to the police officers. The detectives’ expressions were oddly concentrated. The sight merely made her more determined than ever to leave as quickly as she could. She needed to get home, grab Liam and the Go bags she always kept packed, and get the hell out of Toronto. She’d hoped the city would allow them to stay lost longer, and it had seemed to work. They’d managed to stay here for four months instead of the usual two or three, but they’d been found again and it was time to move.
The very idea was a depressing one to Allie. She was exhausted in body, heart, and mind and just wanted to curl up and sleep for a week . . . or maybe a year. But she didn’t have that option. She just had to suck it up and keep moving. For Liam.
“So, we have handled the police and the doctors,” Magnus murmured as the police officers moved away, their memories of the events surrounding Allie Chambers removed.
“Yeah.” Tybo scanned the emergency area, no doubt checking the minds and memories of the nurses and doctors present to be sure they hadn’t missed anyone. “Mortimer will have to send someone to erase any physical evidence. The 911 call and so on.”
“Is that necessary? I didn’t even think it was necessary to remove the events from the minds of the doctors and police. They all seemed to think it was just a mistake. That she was there for innocent purposes.”
“But she’s a possible life mate to you, Magnus, so that’s a connection to us and we need to remove anything that connects to us.”
“Of course,” Magnus said quietly, knowing that was true. He should have realized that at once, but he was a little distracted at the prospect of meeting his life mate. A possible life mate, he reminded himself. Just because she might suit him didn’t mean she would agree to become his life mate. Sighing, he straightened his shoulders. “So? We approach her now and get her out of here?”
Magnus turned on him sharply. “No?”
“I mean, we can’t approach her,” Tybo said with a grimace. “At least, not here. She left while we were dealing with the police officers.”
“What?” Magnus asked with dismay. “What do you mean she left? Why did you not stop her?”
“Because I didn’t want her causing a ruckus here after we’d worked so hard to erase everyone’s memories,” Tybo said soothingly. “But it’s fine. We have her address. We’ll just go to her home and you can . . .” He shrugged. “I don’t know. Introduce yourself or something. Speaking of which, how did you plan to handle things?”
“I—” Magnus scowled. “Well, not like this. A seemingly accidental encounter, maybe. Something that appears random or natural, and then I would woo her.”
“Woo?” Tybo grinned.
“What?” Magnus asked, his eyes narrowing.
“Nothing,” the younger man said at once, but his grin widened. “You’re just showing your age. Wooing is kind of old school.”
“The word or the activity?” Magnus asked with irritation.
“Both,” Tybo decided, and then clapped a hand on his shoulder and used the hold to urge him toward the exit. “I’m afraid the accidental encounter thing is out. We need to find out what she was really up to tonight.”
“We know what she was up to,” Magnus pointed out as they exited the emergency area. “She was moving some blood she forgot to take care of before leaving work that day and—”
“Maybe,” Tybo interrupted. “But we need to find out for sure.”
“Of course we do,” Magnus agreed wearily, but wasn’t happy with the knowledge. He’d hoped to have a more natural introduction into her life. This was not going to be natural and could make things harder. But even hard was better than not having the chance. He’d waited a long time to meet his life mate. “So, we are going to her place?”
“Yeah,” Tybo said, and then they both fell silent as they left the building and headed for the SUV. Neither of them actually spoke again until Tybo pulled into the parking lot of an apartment building some twenty minutes later. Turning off the engine, he then turned to Magnus. “How do you want to play this? I mean, I don’t want to make this any harder for you than it has to be. You could wait in the car and I could go in alone, read her mind, and if everything is aboveboard, and she wasn’t stealing blood, just leave and let you do your whole accidental encounter and wooing later.”
“You would do that?” he asked with surprise.
“Sure,” Tybo said, and then pointed out, “It’s not like you’d be much help anyway. If she’s a possible life mate you can’t read or control her. So, really, if she wasn’t stealing blood, it makes more sense for you to wait here so you can approach her without complications later.”
Magnus nodded, but his attention had caught on two men moving through the darkness along the front of the building, half-hidden by the bushes that ran along it. He tensed when he noted the way their eyes glowed in the dark.
“So, I’ll leave the car on and—”
“Allie lives on the first floor, does she not?” Magnus interrupted.
“Yes,” Tybo said, sounding bewildered by the question.
“The front of the building?” Magnus asked.
“I don’t know. I just know her apartment is 107.”
“I am pretty sure she probably lives in the front,” Magnus said grimly, reaching for his door handle.
“Because there are two immortals presently breaking into a ground-floor apartment,” Magnus said grimly as he got out of the car.
Cursing, Tybo turned off the engine and followed.
Allie pushed the door closed and forced a smile as she turned to watch her little boy race up the hall toward her. His dark hair was sleep-tousled and his Spider-Man pajamas rumpled.
“Liam,” she breathed. Relieved to see he was alive and well and that at least one of her worries had been for nothing, she bent to hug him when he threw himself against her. “You should be napping.”
“I woke up and you were gone,” the boy complained, raising his head to glare at her accusingly.
“I know. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be gone so long,” she said apologetically, her eyes moving past him and up the hall. She needed to get their Go bags and get him out of there. Allie didn’t know how long she had, but having vampires show up at the hospital looking into her wasn’t a good thing. All the way home in the taxi she’d been terrified she’d arrive to find Liam gone and vampires waiting to kill or take her.
“What is this?”
She felt him plucking at the bandage around her head and shifted her attention to the boy. “Nothing,” she assured him. “Now you need to go get your teddy bear while I grab our Go bags,” she said, easing him away. “We need to leave.”
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