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Fallen Academy: Year Three (Fallen Academy #3)(4)
Author: Leia Stone

I sighed. Where did I begin?

‘They’ve been drugging me, but they cut my meds in half today,’ I started, then I told her everything. Making the creature with Lucifer, seeing Lincoln and my family mourn me, the errands we ran today—everything.

She listened. Interjected a few times to call Lucifer a douchebag, but she listened.

When I was finally done, she was silent for a while before she spoke.

‘So, they’re training you for something?’

Even though she couldn’t see me, I nodded. Or at least I didn’t think she could see me. ‘And others. Tons of demons and demon-gifted humans live down here.’

‘Hmm. Well, it doesn’t change our plan. We need to reunite, and get the hell out of here. No pun intended,’ she mused.

I grinned. It was good to have Sera back. I felt my sanity returning at the thought that I wasn’t alone down here.

Fatigue was pulling at the edges of my mind. The medication was still in my body, albeit in a lesser dose, and that walk had worn me out completely. The adrenaline rush from speaking with Sera was starting to wear off as well.

‘I’m tired,’ I mumbled to Sera.

‘Sleep now. I’m here. We’ll make a plan, and we’re going to get out of here, okay?’

I wanted to believe her. ‘Okay.’

For the first time since I’d arrived, determination settled into my bones. I realized then that the Dark Prince had almost broken me, but in the end, it was I who would break him.

I’d break him into a thousand pieces.

“Wake up.” Raksha’s voice shook me from the groggy depths of a drug- and exhaustion-filled sleep.

My eyelids felt heavy and I groaned. “One more hour,” I begged.

This was the norm, napping for several hours in the afternoon after my morning dose of drugs. My body hated the medication. It made me feel queasy, exhausted, and physically weak.

“You’ve already slept through lunch, and the Dark Prince likes an early dinner. You need to get yourself presentable,” she hissed.

At the mention of dinner with the Dark Prince, my eyelids flew open. A low growl came from my stomach, and then the memory of Sera hit me.

‘Are you still here?’ A moment of panic gripped me. Had I imagined it?

‘Right here, sugar. I can’t see anything in this magical box he has me in, but I can sense things. Now that I can see through your eyes, it’s better.’

A relieved sigh left me. I didn’t want Raksha to know I was talking to Sera, so I stopped and gave her my full attention. “You think he’ll give you permission to stop the drugs? They make me so sleepy.”

Raksha shrugged uncaringly. “That’s up to you, child. Show him how obedient you can be, and he’ll extend more luxuries.”

I nodded. “Is that how you got to be so close with him?”

Her gaze narrowed. “I know my place here. I know what’s at stake, and I obey orders. Do that, and you can have more than me. You are very, very special to him. Like a daughter.”

Literal vomit rose in my throat at her words, which was impressive considering I hadn’t eaten in hours. The Dark Prince thinks of me as a daughter? Ew. He slit my throat two weeks ago! What kind of father figure did that?

I simply nodded again. Raksha had drunk the punch; I wouldn’t be winning her over anytime soon. The simple act of hearing the word ‘obey’ had every muscle in my being resisting, but I forced myself to stand up and get ready. Raksha had me brush my teeth, put on fresh clothes that consisted of a too big, black silk, knee-length skirt, and a black silk blouse. I looked like I was going to a funeral.

Maybe I was.

She pulled out some half-used makeup I’d never seen before, and made me apply blush and mascara. I was starting to worry this was actually a date, or something equally creepy, but then she also put on makeup, which she never wore. She was also wearing black slacks, leather loafers, and a red silky blouse.

“So this is formal, then?” I asked her, as I grabbed my cane, and prepared to take the short walk to his office.

She shrugged. “It’s a matter of respect. Play your cards right tonight, and he could order me to take you off the medication completely so you can start your training.”

Being off the damn meds actually sounded thrilling, but the thought of ‘playing my cards right’ with the Devil was terrifying.

I just nodded. What else could I do here but nod? If I called her a brainwashed bitch, she’d smack me upside the head, drugging me again. If I talked back to Lucy, he’d never lift my medication protocol, and I’d never be strong enough to get out of here.

‘Lucy? Hah! I love that,’ Sera interjected, and I grinned. It was so good to have her back.

Raksha made quick strides down the hall while I followed, nerves tightening in my gut as I wondered what the dinner would be like. Did the Devil eat? If so, what did he eat?

‘Small children and kittens?’ Sera offered.

Another smile curved my lips, but when Raksha looked back at me, I wiped it from my face.

When I went to adjust the grip on my cane, I noticed my ring for the first time in a few days. It had become so much a part of me recently that I didn’t feel it there anymore. My heart dipped in my chest at the sight of the tiny blue and white diamonds.


The mere thought of him, what he must’ve been feeling since I’d been taken, had my stomach in knots. He’d been through so much loss already. If I could just get word to him, tell him I was alive, it might make all the difference. For both of us.

Before I knew it, we’d reached the large double doors that led to Lucifer’s lair. As far as I knew, he rarely left this place.

Raksha knocked.

Am I going to be able to get through dinner with the Devil?

She turned and stared at me, her eyes questioning. “Are you ready?”

Only one way to find out.

Chapter Four

“You may enter!” the Dark Prince called out, and Raksha opened the doors wide.

I did a quick sweeping glance around the room, and wanted to vomit. A large rectangular table had been set up in the middle, adorned with black candles, and varying skull shapes. Lucifer stood at the head of the table, behind an ornate chair. A black silk suit and red silk bow tie clung to his muscular frame, and he was irritatingly handsome, in a vile way.

I peered at his suit and the table decorations. “Is it Halloween or something?” I asked dryly.

Lucy grinned. “Isn’t every day Halloween in Hell?” He winked.

How dare that bastard wink at me! Only Lincoln and Noah were allowed to wink at me. And Archangel Michael. Oh God, what I would give for Michael to fly in here right now and save me.

I wondered then what the actual date was. Time was different here.

“Thank you for inviting us, sir. It’s a great honor.” Raksha bowed her head.

Lucifer smiled down at her like she was a beloved child. “Of course, dear. I always enjoy spending time with you.”


‘I wonder if they’ve done it,’ Sera interjected.

Oh God, double barf.

He asked us to sit down. There were only two seats, one on either side of our host, so I hobbled over to one of them, my eyes skimming the gurney where we’d created that horrible creature.

Who could eat in this room?

The moment I sat, the doors opened and two servants entered wheeling carts of food. When a plate of steak, potatoes, and green beans was placed in front of me, I thanked the waiter with short brown hair. He smiled shyly, and then set a fork and steak knife before me.

My eyes widened at the cutlery. I wasn’t even allowed to shave. Surely this was a mistake.

‘Quick, stab him in the eye and then cut his balls off!’ Sera screamed wildly.

My gaze flicked to the Dark Prince and he grinned, picking up his own knife, and cutting his steak.

This is a test.

I glanced at Raksha, who was giving me a look that said, “Don’t you freaking dare.”

‘Do it,’ Sera taunted.

Reaching over, I picked up my knife, relishing the feel of the heavy blade in my hand. I swallowed hard, and started to saw off a small piece of steak.

I have to be smarter than this. One steak knife isn’t going to kill the Devil.

After I’d swallowed my first bite, I looked at my dinner companions.

“Lovely weather we’re having,” I held in my usual sarcastic tone.

Lucifer laughed, a rich and deep belly laugh that was frightening. “Oh, Brielle, you remind me so much of myself when I was your age.”

“When you were my age, you were still an angel, right?” I asked coyly.

His eyes narrowed. “Right.”

We ate a few more minutes in silence when I suddenly had a thought. “Do you need food?” I asked him.

He chuckled, seeming to like talking about himself. “Coffee is my favorite. I like it black.”

Of course he did. But I noticed he’d sort of evaded my question.

“I like mine with cream and three sugars,” I offered. I wasn’t sure where exactly I was going with the conversation; I was just trying to get through this weird-ass dinner without stabbing anyone. I was also attempting to make it seem like my stomach didn’t absolutely revolt at being in his presence.

“Raksha, how do you like your coffee?” I asked my punch-drinking, fellow captive.

She smiled shyly. “I’m more of a tea person.”

The Dark Prince watched me as he dabbed his mouth with a black linen tablecloth. “You know, Brielle, I know you very well by now, and it’s my understanding that you won’t cooperate without a little motivation.”

My stomach tightened. “What? I am cooperating.” I tried not to pout like a five-year-old. His words had come out of nowhere, and they set me on edge.

He shrugged. “Yes, but for what’s to come, I’ll require your full cooperation and loyalty.”

What’s to come? I didn’t want to ask.

Staring at the knife in my hand, I contemplated stabbing him in the neck with it.

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