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Surprise Delivery(10)
Author: R.R. Banks

“Are you okay?” I ask.

She nods. “More than okay,” she replies. “Don't stop.”

I oblige and begin to thrust my hips, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her.

“Yes,” she moans. “God, yes.”

I have my hands on her ass as I pound myself into her to keep her from sliding backward on the table. Her legs are wrapped around my waist, her nails digging into my shoulders, taking me into her again and again. She's incredibly tight, but she's so wet, that I slide into her easily. She leans forward and bites my shoulder. I draw in a sharp breath, but the scream that comes bursting from her throat is muffled. Her body shudders and shakes, her pussy clenching tighter around me and I know she's coming.

Alexis leans back and I look down into her eyes, most of her face covered by the mask, but the look of absolute ecstasy is unmistakable. Between the mask and the need to be as quiet as possible to avoid drawing attention to ourselves, the feeling between us is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. The sensations coursing through me are even more intense and everything carries a vibrancy that borders on the extreme.

“That was amazing,” she gasps, her voice hoarse, her breathing a bit ragged.

I feel the pressure building up within me and my own breathing is growing labored. I know I'm not going to last much longer. She bites her bottom lip again and looks at me with those sparkling jade-colored eyes.

“Tell me how you want me,” she purrs.

So caught up in pleasure, I don't have the ability to speak at the moment, so I step back and pull her off the table. She starts to sink to her knees, obviously thinking I want her to finish me with her mouth, but that's not what I want.

“No,” I say, my voice low and gruff. “I need to be inside of you.”

She grins as I turn her around and bend her over the table. I lift her gown, gathering it at her waist, and step forward, slamming my hard cock into her once more. Alexis cries out as I fill her up, her voice thick with desire as I start pumping myself into her.

I reach up and grab her long, flowing red hair. It feels so smooth and silky in my grasp as I pull it tight. I thrust myself into her with a manic zeal as she looks over her shoulder at me, her eyes glittering behind her mask only serving to fuel my lust even more.

The pressure is growing and the sensations tearing through my body leave me feeling like I'm burning from the inside out. Gripping her hair tight, I pull her head back as I grasp her hip tight with my other hand. I grunt, a sound more animal than human erupting from my throat, as my cock starts to pulse inside of her. A moment later, I explode, filling the condom with my seed.

We remain coupled together like that for several moments, letting the sensations flowing through us run their course. Slowly, I step back and let my cock slide out of her. I take the condom off and quickly deposit it into a trash can.

Alexis is standing, slipping her panties back on, and smoothing her gown down. She runs her hands through her hair to straighten it out as I pull up my pants and get myself sorted. I pull my suspenders back up and then move back over to her. I pull her close to me and give her a soft, gentle kiss.

“That was amazing,” I murmur.

She nods, but I see something strange in her eyes – something a little sad. I put my hand on her cheek and she leans into my touch.

“What is it?” I ask.

“Nothing,” she says. “Nothing at all.”

The door to the conference room opens and a man steps in, flipping on the lights. The sudden burst of harsh overhead light makes us both squint and our eyes taking a minute to adjust to it.

“Everything okay in here?” the security guard asks, his voice somewhat hesitant.

I nod. “We're just fine. Thank you.”

“This room is actually off limits,” he informs us. “I apologize, but I'm going to have to ask you to go back to the ballroom.”

Alexis looks at me, giving me a devilish grin. The sad expression that had been touching her features a moment ago, completely gone. Or, at least, stuffed down and hidden away. I cock my head and look at her, but she's grinning at me like we've just gotten away with something – and I suppose we did.

She slips her arm through mine as we leave the conference room and head back to the ballroom together.



“And where did you disappear to last night?” Bri asks.

I stumble into the kitchen, having only gotten a few hours of sleep. My body is stiff and sore in places I can't recall the last time I was stiff and sore in. Not that it's a bad sore – quite the contrary. The sudden flash of snippets from the night before roll through my mind like an erotic highlight reel, bringing a flush to my cheeks – one I'm quick to stuff down.

“I just figured you and Dom wanted some quality time together,” I say. “I know you guys don't get a lot of it.”

“Well, I appreciate the thoughtfulness,” Bri says, a hint of amusement in her voice. “But that still doesn't answer my question.”

I pour myself a cup of coffee and try to avoid the question. The last thing I want to do is tell her I slept with Duncan. I don't know why, but I want to avoid the conversation altogether if I can. I'm not necessarily ashamed of it. I'm shocked I did it, more than anything since I'm not the type who meets somebody and sleeps with them less than an hour later. I've never been that way.

Although it was out of character for me, I can't say I'm ashamed of it or think it was wrong. In fact, something about it felt incredibly right. I can't understand, let alone explain it, but I can't say I didn't enjoy every moment of what Duncan and I did together.

It was what came after our little romp that I enjoyed even more. We left the gala and grabbed some coffee, then sat together in his car, just talking. We talked for hours about everything. We shared stories about our lives, about growing up, about – literally everything.

The conversation never seemed forced or awkward, and I was oddly comfortable opening up to him. Okay, maybe not completely, but far more than I usually do with people. In the past, I couldn't have done it if I tried. But with Duncan, it was the easiest thing in the world.

As stupid, crazy, and ridiculous as it is, given the fact that we'd only just met, there's something about him that makes me feel – safe.

“You know,” Bri goes on. “I couldn't help but notice that right around the time you vanished, Doctor Duncan Clyburne also went MIA.”

Sabrina can be a pit bull when she gets her teeth into something – and she very clearly has her teeth into this. I try but can't stop the heat from rushing to my cheeks. I pour some creamer into my coffee and stir it, still studiously avoiding her eyes, which draws a laugh from her.

“I knew it,” she crows, triumph in her voice. “I just knew you two had a thing last night. I felt the sparks coming off the both of you.”

I turn to her, smiling. “It wasn't a thing,” I try to explain. “It was...”

My voice tapers off when I realize I don't even know how to classify what last night was. Bri seizes her moment, stepping right into the breach like a champ – because of course, she does.

“It was a thing,” she cheers. “But tell me, did this thing include some hot, steamy, kinky, masked sex?”

“He wasn't wearing a mask,” I point out quickly, as if that ends that line of questioning.

“No, but you were,” she says. “And I'm going to infer from your bobbing and weaving around all of my questions that yes, your evening did include some hot, steamy, kinky, masked sex.”

Laughter erupts from me before I can stop it and my face is burning so bright, I'm afraid it's going to burst into flames. I can only imagine the ungodly shade of red I am right now. I take a sip of coffee, unable to even articulate a coherent response to that.

“Girl, you do realize you're the envy of half the hospital right now, don't you?” she asks. “Maybe even more than that.”

“Yeah well, it was a one-time – thing,” I say and chuckle softly.

“One time? Why would you say that?”

“Remember? He's going to Syria?”

“Only for a few months.”

“Like eight months,” I correct.

She laughs. “That's not so long.”

I shrug and take a sip of my coffee. “A lot can happen in eight months.”

Bri pours herself another cup of coffee. “You like him though, don't you?”

“Yeah, he's nice. Smart. Funny.”

She gives me a look of consternation. “You know what I mean,” she chides.

“Shut it,” I say and laugh.

I grin and shake my head. Honestly, I'm still trying to sort out all of the thoughts and emotions still coursing through my head at the moment. I am still trying to process the fact that I opened up as much to him as I did. That I shared so many personal, intimate stories with him – I even told him a couple of things I've never even told Bri, for God's sake.

I couldn't help myself, though. He is charming. Duncan makes me feel like it's okay to open up and be honest. It's something I've never experienced with a man before and it took me completely off guard.

It wasn't just a one-way street though. Duncan told me a lot about himself. He told me a lot about his family, his father’s death, his relationship with his brother, and a lot of other personal anecdotes as well. And despite everything I learned about him, I wanted to learn so much more.

Not that I’ll ever get the chance.

“It doesn't matter though, Bri,” I say. “He's leaving, and I have no idea what the future holds. For all I know, he's going to meet somebody over there, get married, and never set foot on U.S. soil again.”

She laughs. “That's some positive thinking right there, Lex.”

“That's just realistic,” I tell her. “What we had last night was great. I won’t lie. But I think we both just got caught up in the moment and once we've had a chance to sit back and process it, we'll realize it was just that – a moment. And moments pass.”

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