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My Life in Shambles(28)
Author: Karina Halle

Then I pull him back into my mouth and he swears, his nails digging into my skull as I stroke my fist tighter and faster.

“Valerie.” My name breaks on his lips and he shoots his load inside my mouth, his cock pulsing over my tongue.

I swallow and keep going until he’s too sensitive, then I wipe my mouth with the back of my hand and get unsteadily back to my feet, falling into him.

He grabs me, holding me close, staring down at me with hooded eyes. He looks at peace and completely satisfied, and I want to always make him feel like this.

“What did I do to deserve that?” he asks in a low voice, a lazy smile on his lips as he zips up his pants.

“Everything,” I tell him, kissing him on the cheek. “We should probably get going though. It’s getting colder by the minute.”

“Get going? Back there to our bloody separate bedrooms? Oh no, darlin’, you’re getting yours and you’re getting it good,” he says. He grabs my hand and leads me to the back of the pub.



Holding on to Valerie’s hand, I take her around the building to the back door of the pub and knock loudly on it, hoping Alistair can hear me.

“We’re going to drink more?” she asks.

I’m about to knock again when it opens. “Forget something?” Alistair asks.

“You mentioned those rooms earlier?” I say.

Valerie lets out a small gasp. She had no idea what I had planned.

“Take whatever one you want,” he says, with a very smug smile on his face, nodding to the staircase. “Just don’t make a mess.”

I pat him on the back. “I owe you one.”

“Yes, for the room and the beer,” he calls after me as I lead Valerie up the stairs.

“What are we doing?” she asks while I open the first door on the second floor. The room is small but it’s right above the pub and I’m pretty sure these walls ain’t soundproof. Knowing the bloody lot of perverts downstairs, they’re sure to be listening.

“Exactly what it looks like we’re doing,” I say, leading her down the hall to the end, opening the door to the last room. “This will do.”

“We’re staying for a night?”

I grin at her. “If that’s what you want, then that’s what you’ll get.”

Before she can say anything, I’m pulling her into the dark room and slamming the door behind us.

Even though I came just minutes ago, the hunger for her rises back inside me, stronger than ever, and I attack her like the savage beast that I am.

I throw her back on the bed and she bounces on the mattress, giggling, and then I’m on her, pulling off her coat while trying to pull off mine. We’re a mess of clothes and hands, both of us growing more and more desperate to get naked by the moment, for me to get inside her.

“I’ve never needed to fuck this bad, darlin’,” I say as I bite and nibble at her neck, trying not to break skin. My hands slide between her legs, her leggings and knickers pushed down to her ankles. Both of us are naked except for our pants bunched around our boots.

That doesn’t matter. It’s a sexy look right now.

I keep ravaging her, sucking on her gorgeous full tits, licking up and down her soft and creamy skin like she’s a bloody ice cream cone. The way she writhes above me, breathless and gasping softly, makes me hard as iron, and I reach down and start stroking my cock as I move back and bring my face between her legs.

She tastes so fucking sweet, I wish I could bottle her up. “Does this feel good?” I ask as my tongue slowly traces around her clit.

“Yes,” she says, her breath hitching. She doesn’t even have to tell me, I can feel her getting wetter by the second.

Then she says, “Harder!” and surprises me by grabbing my hair and pushing my face further into her sweet cunt.

Fuck, I love it that she’s giving me direction. I want her to tell me everything she wants so I can keep on giving it to her.

I want to give her everything.

So I go harder, my tongue and lips licking and sucking, and then she’s bucking her hips up into my face, her thighs tightening as she comes.

“Oh my god. Oh my god,” she cries out, followed by a string of garbled words. I keep sucking at her clit until her convulsing slows and she lets go of my hair.

She lies there, spread out and sated.

Of course I’m not done with her yet. I don’t think I’ll ever be done with her.

Why can’t she stay here for good?

Why can’t this be real?

But I don’t let those thoughts take control of me like they want to. I shove them aside to deal with later, the way I’ve been dealing with everything else.

There’s only the here and now.

I quickly slip a condom over my cock, feeling the thick heat of it against my palm.

“Turn over,” I tell her, even as I’m sliding my hand under the small of her back and turning her until she’s on her stomach. Then I grip the sides of her hips and pull her back so she’s at the edge of the bed.

Fucking lucky.

Her arse is perfect and it wants, no, it demands to be spanked.

I raise my palm and give her a good wallop against one cheek, the sound filling the room.

Valerie giggles and then giggles again when I do the same to the other cheek, this time harder, watching her arse ripple and a pink handprint bloom against her pale skin.

“You fucking like that, darlin’?” I ask as I start stroking my cock again. “Do you want more of that or do you want me to fuck your pretty brains out?”

“I guess it depends on if I’ve been a bad girl or not,” she says.

Dazed, I stare at her as she raises her head and shoots me a cheeky smile over her shoulder.

“Oh, you’re fucking getting it,” I tell her, and spank her over and over again, the sound getting louder and louder, my palm buzzing from the impact. Her arse is completely red and pink, and when I look up her fingers are gripping the covers, holding on tight.

For a moment I think maybe I took it too far, that she’s in pain, but then she just wiggles her arse in my face and says, “Well are you going to fuck me now or what?”

God, she’s a bossy thing, isn’t she?

“I thought you’d never ask.”

I grab the base of my cock and the side of her hip, my fingers digging into her delicate skin, and slowly push myself inside her.


I’m dead.

She’s so fucking wet, so damn tight, it’s making my eyes roll back in my head. Even though I’d just come, I know I have to take things slowly so I can remain in control. At the very least, I need to get her off again.

And again and again.

I want to spend all night in this room, her body and my body, naked and writhing and messy, until the sun rises and we’ve almost fucked to death.

I’m becoming delirious.

With my grip tightening on her hips, I pull her back into me until my cock has sunk into the hilt and she holds me like a slick glove, every single nerve in my body crying for sweet release, the dire need to come.

“Oh fuck,” I gasp as all the air leaves my lungs and I feel like I might lose my mind.

“Harder,” she says, her breath quick.

“Jesus, you’re greedy,” I say hoarsely. “I can give it to ye harder but I’m warning you, you might not be able to walk tomorrow.”

“Just give it to me.”

I grin and pull back just enough to slam into her, hard and balls deep.

“Oh god, oh GOD!” she cries out, and I’m relentless because for a moment it feels like I am her god. I work my hips harder, rutting into her ruthlessly, the bed moving and creaking enough that I think it will go through the wall.

“Fuck yes, fuck yes,” I grunt through each powerful thrust, pumping into her like a savage machine, watching as her arse ripples from the impact.

I don’t have much longer.

“I need you to come,” I manage to say. “I need you to go wild for me.”

She cries out something, and I place my hand underneath her hips, feeling her slick clit. My fingers are practically drowning in her.

A blinding orgasm rips through my body at the same time I feel her come on my cock, hear her screaming my name as it echoes around us. And yet I can’t stop, I keep powering through, relentless, like I’ve been possessed. It takes a good minute for me to stop emptying out into the condom, an orgasm that never ends.

“Shite,” I say, half collapsing onto her, my sweat dripping off my body and onto her back. I can’t say anything more than that, I’m breathing too hard and my head feels like it’s in another dimension.

“You’re a fucking animal, you know that?” she says, barely able to raise her head and look at me over her shoulder. Her lids are heavy, and her smile is sated and a little loopy.

“You bring it out of me,” I tell her, straightening up and grabbing hold of her hip as I pull out, making sure the condom doesn’t spill. “I can’t be blamed for any of it.”

She eyes her arse. “Even though you spanked me like no one has ever been spanked before?”

I grin at her cockily. “That’s what you get for saying yes to new adventures.”

Valerie and I got back home at about three in the morning, after fucking each other’s brains out for hours in Alistair’s hotel room. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of sleep or the beers, but when I finally get up in the morning, my head is pounding like a drum.

I pop one of my dad’s pills, though it’s not so much for my headache. Lately, my body has been extremely sore, this constant burning pain in my legs, especially at night when they seem to get these extreme cramps. The pills my dad gave me don’t stop the burning but they do stop the spasms. The doctor told me this might happen and to return to him when it did.

I don’t want to think about that, but I know I’ll run out of the pills sooner than later and alcohol is only a temporary fix.

Thank god that sex seemed to do the job, I think.

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