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Intoxicated (Billionaire Bachelors Club #3.5)(16)
Author: Monica Murphy

“You’ll be his only aunt,” I say, my mouth going dry as I study her. Seeing her like this, wearing the tiny white bikini bottom and nothing else is making my c**k rise to the occasion. You think I’d be exhausted from all the sex or at the very least, somewhat immune to seeing my wife half naked.

Guess not.

“Do you want a baby right away, Gage?” she asks suddenly.

And there goes my erection. “Uh . . . not really. Unless you do,” I add quickly though I kind of, sort of, don’t mean it. We only just got married. We have lots of time before we need to start making babies and creating a family.

We can definitely practice all the time but actual babies? Not yet. For now, I’ll leave that up to my sister.

“I don’t,” she says as she tilts her face up to the sun. Damn, she’s pretty. “I mean, I do want them someday, but not yet. We have plenty of time. If I get baby fever, I’ll just find Jackson. I bet he’d let me cuddle him all I want.”

“I’m sure he would,” I drawl, my gaze locked on her br**sts. She has no tan lines on her upper body. It’s all golden skin and hard pink ni**les. My mouth starts to water just thinking about sucking on them.

She looks over at me, raising her sunglasses to the top of her head once more. “Are you checking me out?”

“Always,” I say with a grin. I’m not going to be ashamed by my appreciation of my wife. She’s a work of art. Beautiful and sweet and so giving. I lucked out and I know it.

“You going to do something about that?” She waves her hand at the vicinity of my swim trunks.

Glancing down, I look at my erection and then her. “Are you going to do something about it?” I ask pointedly.

Marina can barely hide the grin on her face. “What would you like, O husband of mine?”

“Hmm, I don’t know.” I settle my hand over my c**k and give it a firm stroke, my gaze cutting to hers. She’s watching me closely, her eyes locked on my hand, her lips parted seemingly in fascination. That we haven’t grown tired of constantly having sex kind of blows my mind.

But I am definitely not tired of her. And I’m pretty sure she’s not tired of me either.

“Would you like me to come over there and join you?” she asks as she stands, tossing her sunglasses on the chair before she takes the few steps and stops at the edge of my lounger. “You’re looking lonely.”

“I am lonely.” I grunt in surprise when she settles right on top of me, warm and soft as she straddles my hips, her bent knees on either side. “I’m not so lonely anymore though,” I murmur.

She rests her hands on the top of the lounge chair, her br**sts right in my face. Tilting my head up, I capture one nipple with my lips and suck, earning a gasp for my efforts.

A warm breeze washes over us, doing nothing to cool the incessant sexual fever raging within me as I place my hand on the center of her back and bring her chest closer to my lips.

This is our last day. I need to make the most of this experience. Getting naked outside, the ocean waves crashing in the distance, I need to revel in this.

And so does Marina.


MY HUSBAND HAS the best mouth ever. A talented mouth too, which he’s currently using on me quite perfectly. I’m grinding against his hard c**k as those talented lips suck and lick my ni**les. If he keeps this up I’ll be coming in seconds, no joke.

Our Caribbean honeymoon has far exceeded my expectations. I’d been secretly afraid of arriving an exhausted mess, wanting only to sleep the days away while Gage’s typical workaholism kicked in.

But no. We’ve excessively indulged in each other sexually, we’ve relaxed, we’ve hung out at the pool and the beach, and we’ve eaten fine cuisine on a nightly basis.

The sex, though . . . has been amazing. I feel more connected to this man than ever before. That Gage is my husband, the constant in my life, is both overwhelming and exhilarating.

“Mmm, you taste good,” he murmurs against my skin, his lips moving over the tops of my br**sts, licking and kissing my skin.

I shiver when his fingers skim down my back so that his hand settles at the waistband of my bikini bottoms. “You feel good,” I whisper, a little sigh escaping me when he slips first one hand then the other beneath my bottoms and touches my naked flesh. He squeezes my backside and tugs me against him, his erection rubbing between my legs, driving me crazy. Unable to control myself, I lean forward, crashing my mouth on top of his.

Our kiss is wild, frantic. Our tongues tangling as he works my bottoms off. I help him out, contorting my body in all sorts of awkward positions before I finally fling the skimpy fabric onto the deck. I love that we can make love so freely outside without worrying that others can see us. The suite offers us plenty of privacy, and Gage and I indulge outside every chance we can get.

“You need to get naked,” I whisper once he breaks away from me to scatter damp kisses along my neck.

“Help me out, wife,” he says, his voice rough with want.

I comply, standing so I can tug his swim trunks off and tossing them close to where my bottoms lay. I sprawl out onto the lounger once more, lying between his legs, my lips right at his cock. Slowly I draw him deep between my lips, my gaze never leaving his as he watches me suck and lick him. His lids grow heavy and he reaches out, his fingers cradling my cheek.

I could do this for hours. I get off getting him off, I swear. Never before have I received so much pleasure when I’m giving it to someone else. Only for Gage.

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