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Lover Unbound (Black Dagger Brotherhood #5)(11)
Author: J.R. Ward

V pictured his father and tried to imagine the Scribe Virgin having sex with the male. Shit, that must have been a brutal experience.

"It was," she said. "I received exactly what I had gone out to find in full measure. There was no going back once the rutting started, and he was characteristic to his nature. At the end, though, he withheld himself from me. Somehow he knew what I was after and who I was."

Yeah, his father had excelled at finding and exploiting the motivations of others.

"It was perhaps foolish of me to think I could pass for something I was not with a male like him. Cunning, indeed." She looked across the room at V. "He told me he would give me his seed only if a male young would be placed with him. He had never successfully begotten the live birth of a son, and his warrior loins wanted that satisfaction.

"I, however, wanted my son for the Chosen. Your father may have understood tactics, but he was not the only one. I knew well his weakness too, and had it within me to guarantee the sex of the young. We agreed that he would have you three years after the birth for three centuries, and that he could tram you to fight on this side. Thereafter you would be for my purpose."

Her purpose? His father's purpose? Shit, didn't he get a vote?

The Scribe Virgin's voice got lower. "Having reached our accord, he forced me beneath him for hours, until the form I was in nearly died from it. He was possessed by the need to conceive, and I endured him because I was the same."

Endured was right. V, like the rest of the males in the warrior camp, had been forced to watch his father have sex. The Bloodletter hadn't distinguished between fighting and f**king and had made no allowances for females' size or weakness.

The Scribe Virgin began shifting around the room again. "I delivered you unto the camp on your third birthday."

V became dimly aware of a humming in his head, like a train was gathering speed. Thanks to his parents' little bargain, he'd been living his life in ruins, stuck dealing with the aftermath of his father's cruelty as well as the war camp's vicious lessons.

His voice dropped to a growl. "Do you know what he did to me? What they did to me there?"


Throwing all rules of etiquette into the shitter, he said, "Then why the f**k did you let me stay there."

"I had given my word."

V burst to his feet, his hand going to his privates. "Glad to know your honor stayed intact, even if I didn't. Yeah, that's a fair f**king exchange."

"I can understand your anger - "

"Can you, Mom? That makes me feel so much better. I spent twenty years of my life fighting to stay alive in that cesspool. What did I get? A scrambled head and f**ked-up body. And now you want me to breed for you?" He smiled coldly. "What if I can't impregnate them? If you know what happened to me, you ever think of that?"

"You are able."

"How do you know?"

"Think you there is any part of my son I cannot see?"

"You... bitch," he whispered.

A blast of heat came out of her body, hot enough to singe his eyebrows, and her voice cracked through the penthouse. "Do not forget who I am, warrior. I chose your father unwisely, and we both suffered for the mistake. Do you think I remained unharmed as I saw what course your life laid? Think you I watched from afar unaffected? I died every day for you."

"Well, aren't you Mother f**king Teresa," he shouted, aware that his own body had started to heat up. "You're supposed to be all-powerful. If you'd given a shit, you could have stepped - "

"Destinies are not chosen, they are conferred - "

"By who? You? Then are you the one I should hate for all the shit that was done to me?" Now he was glowing all over; he didn't even have to look down at his forearms to know that what was within his hand had spread throughout him. Just. Like. Her. "God... damn you."

"My son - "

He bared his fangs. "You do not call me that. Ever. Mother and son... we aren't that. My mother would have done something. When I couldn't help myself, my mother would have been there - "

"I wanted to be - "

"When I was bleeding and torn up and terrified, my mother would have been there. So don't fly me that sonny-boy bullshit."

There was a long silence. Then her voice came clear and strong. "You will present yourself to me following my sequester, which starts this night. You will be presented of your mate as a formality. You will return when she is suitably prepared for your use, and you will do what you were birthed to do. And you will do it of your own free choosing."

"The hell I will. And f**k you."

"Vishous, son of the Bloodletter, you will do this because if you do not, the race will not survive. If there is any hope of withstanding the onslaughts of the Lessening Society, more Brothers are needed. You of the Brotherhood are but a handful now. In past epochs there were twenty and thirty among you. Where may yet more come but from selective breeding?"

"You let Butch into the Brotherhood, and he wasn't - "

"Special dispensation for a prophecy realized. Not the same at all, and well you know it. His body will never be as strong as yours. If not for his innate power, he could never function as a Brother."

V looked away from her.

Survival of the species. Survival of the Brotherhood.


He walked around and ended up by his rack and his wall of toys. "I'm the wrong guy for this kind of thing. I'm not the hero type. I'm not interested in saving the world."

"The logic is in the biology and cannot be countered."

Vishous lifted his glowing hand, thinking about the number of times he'd used it to incinerate things. Houses. Cars. "What about this? You want a whole generation cursed like me? What if I pass this down to my offspring?"

"It is an excellent weapon."

"So's a dagger, but it doesn't light up your friends."

"You are blessed, not cursed."

"Oh, yeah? Try living with the thing."

"Power requires sacrifice."

He laughed in a hard rush. "Well, then, I'd give this shit up in a heartbeat to be normal."

"Regardless, you have a duty to your species."

"Uh-huh, right. Just like you had one to a son you birthed. You'd better pray I'm more conscientious with my responsibility."

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