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The Wicked (Vampire Huntress Legend #8)(8)
Author: L.A. Banks

She came out of the kiss serious and breathless. "You've always given me what I wanted, Carlos-you." Her arms wrapped around his neck as her legs wrapped around his waist. Whatever had set him off like this turned her on to no end. "That's all I ever wanted from you... was you."

This time there was no playfulness in her tone, or his kiss. As he stalked through the villa with her in his arms, she could feel his body changing and bulking to near battle proportions. The transformation was slightly unnerving, but she rationalized the fleeting nervousness away as a last-night-alone-throw-down-jones. However, the way he dropped her in the center of the bed and looked down at her like she was dinner, fangs fully crested, she briefly hesitated. Even his tattoo was different. It had gone silver, then gold, and was now white-hot, light, and smoking. She wouldn't even look down at the other one. Did she say silent scream? Probably.

He didn't need to tell her; it was brace herself now or never. Shame on her if she wasn't ready. Seeing that message blazing in his eyes oddly got her there in a heartbeat, though. For the first time since they'd been together, it was obvious that he was in no frame of mind to take his time with slow torture. Her man had immediate plunder in his sights and had started breathing hard without her touching him. Devastating.

"Baby, you all right?" she asked quietly, staring up at solid silver in his eyes that had began to turn gold at the edges of his irises.

He shook his head and then immediately blanketed her, not even waiting for her to pull off her clothes.

The full Neteru Council of Queens stood as Eve burst into Aset's violet-glowing meeting chambers in full Egyptian battle armor. Tears streamed down Eve's ashen cheeks, her once dewy, exquisite com�plexion in a ruin. With a stern look, Aset bade the other queens not to move or intervene as Eve rushed toward Aset and grasped her by the upper arms.

"You must grant me the ability to retrieve the Isis blade and the Caduceus!" Eve shouted, her hysteria increasing with every word. "Why have you blocked my ability to summon the blade of justice? I demand that you immediately release it to me and allow me to leave the Neteru Council realms! You cannot leave me unarmed or make me a prisoner at a time like this! Release me."

"I cannot, dear queen sister, and we both know why," Aset said in calm, loving tone. Pain rose from Aset's burnished skin in heat waves as she stared at Eve with unshed tears.

"He's my son!" Eve shrieked, pushing away from Aset and going into a battle stance. "Have you no mercy in your heart, and you call yourself my sister?"

Aset waved her throne lions and the other queens back. "I know he's your son, and it breaks my heart. We are all shattered by Cain's choice. No matter what you think of me in this dark hour, you will always be my sister and a queen to me."

Eve stood still for a moment, her eyes shimmering so much pain even Nzinga looked away. "Aset, he is my son... If this were Heru..."

"My soul would die a thousand deaths, and I would need my queen sisters to hold me away from myself." Aset went toward Eve, but Eve slowly dropped to the floor within Aset's embrace, clutching her gown at her legs.

"My son," Eve sobbed into the gold woven silk. "He went tohis father's throne after all these years. My queen sister, a Neteru, sent him there! Oh Heavens above, hear my lament!"

"They have heard you and the angels weep with us." Aset went to her knees and grabbed Eve to her br**sts hard. "Our young Neteru sister did not send him to Hell. Lilith did that. She is the deceiver. She made human men open a new veil between worlds through their twisted science in ignorance.She was the one who originally brought Damali's voice to Cain on the channel of winds and vibrations. Do not blame Damali for that; we cannot have dissension among our queens.Lilith lured him to this fate with the assistance of her husband-but, yet, and still, the decision was Cain's." Aset began to rock Eve as her sobs escalated to inconsolable wails.

"My son, oh, Aset... he is still my boy," Eve cried, her face pressed against her queen sister's shoulder as she clung to the ruling matriarch. "I shall die and wither away from this. He bedded that shrew, Lilith... is in apex and could be attempting to sire in the unholy realms... My grandchildren will be from the spawn of whatever is down there! Aset, hear me... the silver of my line is going to corruption. Adam is dress�ing for war to behead my son as we speak! I cannot let him do that- please just let me reason with my boy before Adam goes to war... I know Dananu," Eve said, her voice dropping to a piteous whisper and growing more desperate as Aset held her tighter. "Dante taught me; I can go to Cain and convince him! He would not deny his own mother's counsel or plea."

Nefertiti rounded the table, tears streaming down her flawless cheeks, weeping as she joined the huddle. "Heal her, Aset. Bring the Caduceus before Eve's spirit withers and dies and the light of femi�nine energy on the planet suffocates from the loss. All conception will stop; all gentleness of spirit and nurturing will be replaced with hatred and vile rage... war, anarchy, no respect for nature; Eve is the foun�dation!" She covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a sob. "No mother should know this pain-take it from Eve, I beg you."

Aset nodded, and Nzinga instantly produced the staff. "Please, dear sister Eve. Let me touch your heart and spirit. Let me draw this poi�sonous heartbreak from your soul so that you may rest peacefully to accept what must be."

"No!" Eve shrieked, trying to stand. "I will not forsake my son under any conditions! Give me the rod of Imhotep thatI might healhim. I am of no consequence; it is my son who needs this now. For him I would give my lifeand my light."

"Don't say that," Aset whispered, aghast. "Never your light, Queen... not even for a wayward child. This is his path that he must walk; your prayers are his only salv-"

"You ask too much of me-to ask the first mother of all that is hu�man not to be mother to her firstborn, not be humane to him, not be his light?" Eve whispered in a dangerously quiet voice as she pushed herself to her knees and opened her arms. "Are you mad, Aset?" Eve waved her arms and closed her eyes as more tears fell. Her next words came out in a thunderous shout. "Are youderanged? Has this Council of Neteru Queens gone insane in my presence?"

Gale-force winds blew the chamber doors open as hail and rain pelted around the council, inches from each queen in a serious threat.

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