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The Wicked (Vampire Huntress Legend #8)(7)
Author: L.A. Banks

"Why not?" She pouted, disappointed that he wouldn't try the steak, and she looked at him hard then at the cut meat, wondering what was wrong with it.

He smiled wider. "Take it off the silver and feed it to me au na-turel... use your fingers."

"Oh," she said with a grin.

"Nowthat's good," he said in a sensual rumble, pulling the juicy meat from her fingers and sucking her index finger and thumb. "Way better. I think I'm developing an allergy to silver."

"Stop lying, man," she said, cutting him another hunk of steak. "Your eyes are glowing silver."

He knew they had to be; his tattoos were burning up.

"Do tell? I wonder why." He took another bite of steak from her graceful fingers and chewed it slowly as he brought her plate over to feed her more of her vegetarian selections. But he almost dropped the plate as she captured his thumb and drew it into her mouth in a puls�ing suckle.

"You're starting to sweat silver, too," she said with an impish grin. "Might go solid gold on you tonight if you keep that up," he said as he kissed between her br**sts. "So you better bust a good grub now, 'cause there's no telling how long I'ma keep you hostage in the other room."

"Is that a threat, Mr. Rivera? 'Cause you know I brought my blade."

"It's a promise, Mrs. Rivera," he murmured against her warm shoulder. "Keep messing with me, hear."

"Well since you're talking possible all-out war..." she murmured, giving him another piece of steak and allowing a bit of the juice to drip on her thigh.

He looked at the red splatter on her leg, bent slowly to lick it while still looking up at her. "All-out battle-hard down, no negotiating... taking no prisoners tonight."

"Do tell?" she said, chuckling low and sensually as he came up to claim her mouth, cresting a hint of fang. "But I have to eat my salad first." She glimpsed him with a teasing smile, grabbed her salad bowl, and ate very slowly, munching the greens casually. "You're not aller�gic to balsamic vinaigrette dressing, are you?"

"Right about through here, you could take a bath in it, and it wouldn't bother me none." He winked at her as she ate a little faster.

"What just got into you?" she said, smiling through bites. "Like, a minute ago, you were all cool, and then all of a sudden-dang."

"I was watching you from behind," he sheepishly admitted, "and then... hey, spontaneous combustion. What can I say?"

She shook her head and kissed him quickly, getting salad dressing on his mouth. "There, at least I feel better knowing you got close to a salad. What am I gonna do with you?"

He pulled back a bit and sipped his wine, smiling, but no longer even interested in the steak. "I have several suggestions about what you can do with me, but the real question is, how are we gonna do this in the family house?" he asked with a smirk, then took another generous sip of wine.

"Very, very quiedy... sneaky... vamp stealth."

He laughed and gave her a sip of wine from his glass. But it was the strangest thing... the later it got and the more he stared at her, the more the sudden testosterone rush slammed him. Yes he loved her, always wanted her, but damn, he was feeling something way past desire. And whatever was suddenly blasting through his system had an after-kick to it that was no joke. While Damali hummed and made a funny face at him, he could feel something summoning pure molten silver to his surface, and at the same time, his old days on a throne were calling out his libido at knock-his-head-back levels. Maybe she'd spiked his steak with some Queen's Council aphro�disiac, because he hadn't felt like this since she'd ripened the first time while he was all vamp.

"Don't ignore me by eating steak. You know I'm telling the truth, and we can't be going back to the house hooting and hollering, Carlos-so stop looking at me like that. And it's gonna be tight while we move the team around from place to place, so you'd better get all that out of your systemtonight," she said, laughing at his slight scowl.


"Yep, quiet," she said, briefly pressing her fingers to her lips and giggling. "Silent scream."

"Silent scream?"

"You wouldn't."

"Hmmm..." For a moment he just stared at her, wondering if he could take her to the point where a cl**ax hit her so hard and fast that no sound would exit her throat. Maybe he'd been going about this all wrong, dragging it out? Carlos tilted his head and pressed one finger to his lips, studying her windpipe, then shook it off, making her laugh harder.

Yeah, it was their last honeymoon night and all, but he had to chill. This didn't make no kinda sense and was quickly about to border on insane, if he tried what was currently running through his head. Mid-flight she'd freak, and wherethe hell did that come from anyway? No. He took a deep breath, willed his hands not to tremble or quick-snatch her, and forced a smile.Shit.

Carlos kept his expression neutral and his tone light, but he was two seconds from battle bulking on Damali and wasn't even sure if he could pleasure-infuse the bite, he needed her so badly. If he made love to her in this condition, he knew he might actually hurt her, all fun and games aside. No.

"Vamp stealth only, then, huh? Girl, you know I can roll up on you like pure mist," he said, playing off his discomfort, "but uh, I don't think after I materialize, you're gonna be quiet, regardless."

He'd made her giggle so hard she set down her salad, losing inter�est in it. "You talk so much trash, Carlos Rivera."

"Husband, Carlos Rivera," he said, correcting her with a brief kiss. "And you love it, 'cause you know I can back it up."

"That ain't no lie," she said, her smile fading as her gaze went down his body with her hands. His skin was starting to swirl with en�ergy colors beneath the coppery, golden tan the sun had kissed on it. She allowed her fingertips to trace down his stone-cut chest over his permanent brand of her fist clutching an Isis blade, and then slowly down his torso, almost willing his nylon black-and-white Oakland Raiders basketball shorts to disappear. When he obliged the thought and dropped his shorts away in one lithe move, she laughed and shook her head. "You need to stop."

"I'm supposed to give my wife what she wants, right?" he said, laughing in pain as he took her mouth.

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