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The Wicked (Vampire Huntress Legend #8)(5)
Author: L.A. Banks

Lilith's orgasmic wails and deep talon gouges in his back added to the increased velocity toward the bottom of the pit. He couldn't slow down. Adrenaline and insanity had him in its grip. Pleasure had made him both blind and deaf, but he was anything but mute. Her sex felt so good that his moan rent the scorching air. The low sonic boom res�onance of his voice began to implode the cavern in crumbling splin�ters that fell inward behind them. Two seconds short of an extinction wish, he pulled up, reversed polarity, and sent them both crashing through the backside of the council table to disturb the orgy of batsagain.

He came hard in a black torrent of ecstasy so perverse he could only close his eyes as the images roiled through his mind with hers. Panting, his movements against her abated slowly and he kept both hands at either side of her skull while in the air, daring her to move by telepathy until he'd normalized. If she had just been Damali, it would have been perfect. Cain opened his eyes, temporarily sated but dis�gusted. Just the thought of Rivera having his Neteru through an apex made him want blood.

"Bring me the one vampire, the one master of masters that will carve out Rivera's soul to see risen again," Cain said between thun�dering breaths singed with flames.

"Just tell me, Your Eminence. I shall immediately take up your pe�tition with my husband and convince him of your needs... just come to me like this again. Please. I beg you," she said, a sob catching the words spoken in Dananu in her throat.

"We have a truce. Avenge me, and what you did to Dante will be dismissed. I will see you often until my apex wanes. That is a prom�ise .. . perhaps more like a vow." Cain righted the table and lowered them to rest on it, his giant, leathery wings thudding against the now-still chamber air.

The sound of slow, strolling hooves made Cain jerk his attention toward the battered chamber doors. The echo of calm, steady ap�plause entered the Vampire Council throne room.

"Well done, grandson," a deep, melodic, baritone voice whispered in a murderous tone from the shadows beyond. "With a throne ascen�sion like that, there is no need to go through my wife as an interme�diary, although you can at your leisure, since she seems to amuse you."

Lilith cringed and buried her face against Cain's chest, her terrified grip tightening on his arms. "Don't provoke him," she whispered through her teeth when Cain lifted his chin. "I begged you to spiral us upward!"

"She'll do while I apex," Cain said, shrugging out of Lihth's hold and nonchalantly pulling out of her body. "Of greater impor�tance, Your Majesty... let us decide how we might best rule the world."

Lilith gasped and closed her eyes, making her body very small be�hind Cain's hulking form.

A long sigh filled with amusement echoed in response. Each eclipse that had lit the chamber with thin rims of blue moonlight went out, creating pure darkness.

"Tell me the name and I shall consider your request to raise him. We are royal family. Heirs of the world, so to speak. If you can handle the job, you can rule it."

A low, mellow chuckle filled with heat began to melt the ice-crusted floor. "But do notever freeze over Hell again without my per�mission... I will allow this one transgression, given your Neteru arrogance from your mother's side and the insanity induced by your apexing condition. We don't see that much down here. It does in�trigue me to witness it bloom on one of my thrones-even Dante never had that in him... and I must admit that I've never seen it turn so thoroughly, boldly dark as quickly as you have taken it. My com�pliments on the way you sire, as well." The sound of hooves began to retreat. "Well done. Yes... done outrageously enough to entertain me this evening. Therefore, tell me the name you seek from my pris�ons and we shall bargain."

Cain smiled, knowing the melodic, sinister voice had relented. He nodded and reinserted himself into Lilith's body with a shuddering wince. She covered her mouth to silence the pleasure gasp that threat�ened to bring her husband back into chambers less amused.

"Fallon Nuit," Cain called out in a tone of authority, moving against Lilith as he stared down into her stricken eyes.

"Nice move... very, very nice," a sinister voice thundered in the distance with another round of slow applause. "Done. Youdo take af�ter our side of the family, after all. Vengeance served-icecold. Great voice, too, kid. Excellent set of pipes and fantastic projection." Rum�bling laughter with a hint of implied danger in it made the bats seek shelter again. "Think about what you want to give me later."

Both male entities chuckled.

Cain closed his eyes, threw his head back, and groaned softly, inten�sifying his thrusts as Lilith arched with a shiver. "Done."


La Paz. Mexico

Total contentment wafted through Carlos as he sat on a kitchen stool in their honeymoon villa, watching Damali bop around the kitchen. He leaned on his elbows on the wide butcher-block island and smiled. She looked so thoroughly happy and so in her element, buzzing around trying to fix their last private supper, he could only shake his head.

The last of the sun was bringing gold and rose-orange light in with the beach breeze from the decks and open windows, dappling the white rooms and Damali's beautiful brown skin.This was sanctuary; the Light had provided a few hallowed days of drama cease-fire and obligation so he could enjoy his new wife. It was a time that he thought would only happen when Hell froze over.Jesus.

He silently wondered what their life together would be like with children. After the way they'd been at it for four glorious days and nights, the result was imminent. He smiled and briefly closed his eyes just thinking about it.

Oh, yeah, this was a very personal gift from On High. He'd be rev�erent forever. The way Damali flitted from the counter to the refrig�erator to the stove almost choked him up-the sight of it filled him up so. One day her belly would be heavy and loaded with a life they'd created. One day there would be a tiny little face with big brown eyes watching them tease each other and laugh... He just wondered if what they'd make would have fangs or wings or both. He didn't care, as long as he'd made it with her. God apparently did answer prayers.

Pineapple and papaya that he was supposed to be peeling sat wait�ing for him, but try as he might, he couldn't focus on the fruit while he gazed at her. He was just glad that they were on the same wave�length about not wanting to go out for this last honeymoon meal to�gether. Going back to their waiting Guardian team that was family had definitely lost its appeal, too. Although kidnapping her or stop�ping time to keep life at bay wasn't an option, there was something so private and so profoundly peaceful about this time that he'd tuck it away to savor it beyond the grave. He loved her. Period. End of story.

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