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The Wicked (Vampire Huntress Legend #8)(4)
Author: L.A. Banks

Her body was almost a rag of fatigued limbs, but driven by impulse, he extracted himself from her wickedly delicious pelvic hold and flipped her over onto her stomach.

"Your womb is dead, therefore the orifice leading to it is no longer of use to me," Cain snarled close to her ear. He entered her hard, sodomizing her with rage, dripping black sweat against her bruised spine as she moaned and writhed beneath him.

"Tell me your every wish," she cried out between gasps of pleasure. "Your grandfather will be so proud-just ask it and I will deliver it!"

"Raise the master vampire I request from the Sea of Perpetual Agony," Cain yelled, his voice echoing when a seizure of pleasure overtook him.

His head dropped back, his long, dark locks sweeping his ass as his deep lunges against Lilith increased in force. He cried out, unable to conceal the years of unfed desire with her blood polluting his system. It felt so good he didn't even care that he might bleed her out and f**k her to death. But he needed her direct access to the Ultimate Dark Power of their realms in order to raise the exterminated. She was already midway between black mist and pure vapor. Her volup�tuous body was beginning to make him see double. The deal had to be finalized, but his cells had begun to deconstruct with hers again to the tonal frequency of the vibrating Babylonian chants in the cavern. Unable to scale back the velocity or stop moving, he sent hot-flash images of Sodom and Gomorrah into her skull, nearly fracturing it with a brutal mind thrust.

"Cain! Name your terms," she cried out, reaching backward and trying to hold on to his h*ps with her talons. Black tears streamed down her face and her breathing staggered as she tried to turn to score his jugular.

The need to release had also put tears in his eyes, and he held her heavy, pendulous br**sts, vaporizing millisecond by millisecond as he spoke through his teeth. "The one not beheaded but felled by an Isis," Cain panted in Dananu, flattening Lilith against the table harder and pulling back from the edge of a V-point spiral. "My armies will slaughter Guardian teams worldwide with every setting sun. My hy�brids will terrorize their days with bloodshed and chaos that knows no bounds!I will create the darkest night!"

"Yes! Anything-your scent, your voice... oh, great Darkness... your body-Iam damned for you, lover!"Lilith shrieked near hysterics, sputtering black blood from her injuries, her talons digging deep grooves into the marble surface as her tail slashed at him wildly."Anything, when you have surpassed even Dante's carnal abilities like this!" She dropped her head back and offered her jugular, craning her neck. "Do it, now!"

He abruptly withdrew from her with a groan that was sliced by her sharp gasp. Frustration caused her to hiss at him when he spun her to face him, and the sound sent a shiver down his spine that closed his eyes to half-mast.

"Just because I've been in Nod for a very long time, did you think you could take advantage of my celibacy, Lilith?" Cain's hand went to her throat as her eyes widened. "Do you know how many entities there are from here to the surface that I could f**k before worrying about you, bitch?" He leaned into her with a dangerous warning in his low, rumbling tone. "After all the centuries devoid of sensation, do you think I would give a damn if it is a she-wolf on Level Five, or an Amanthra serpent from above that? A succubus, a poltergeist-I do not care as long as it brings pleasure! Do you not yet realize that I am Cain, son of Dante, grandson of Lucifer?"

His black gaze locked with hers as he slowly anchored his tail to her waist.

"Irun this council, Lilith, unlike Dante, who had to succumb to your rank as his father's Level-Seven wife-but you have been stripped of that military privilege," Cain whispered in a slow, even warning. "As a being impervious to the sun, not a dead, made-from-the-bite vampire-I was made all that I amfrom seed.I already have a waiting army and an empire and do not need to go through the labo�rious task of making vampires one by one, as in Dante's time. But be very sure that you understand that you do not even have a seat on this council yet. You are a familiar to do council bidding, just like you are for my grandfather... Attempt a coup, and even he will not be able to save you."

"You saw the betrayal in Dante's throne..." she whispered, mes�merized, her hand reverently tracing Cain's cheek. "In thefirst sitting you received something buried so deeply within Dante's shame that it should have takenyears to acquire?" Lilith's voice dropped to a low, quaking decibel. Her whisper was so gentle that the chamber went dead silent- "Fuck me again now, before I faint. I beg you."

Cain simply stared at her for a moment. There was no fraud in her eyes or her voice. Lilith's arousal spiked so radically beneath him in earnest that it was becoming increasingly difficult to negotiate with her. She was so twisted that the fear of his reprisal had sent a new slickness of desire between her thighs, making him tremble. Easing her backward against the ruling table, he kept a dark current protect�ing his throat to frustrate her strike.

"Do we have a deal on multiple levels?" His eyes slid shut as he brutally entered her and nipped her bottom hp.

"Yes," she whispered on a thick swallow and raked her nails down his stone-cut chest. "Take off the collar... please. Imust strike you."

"Do you want to spiral up through the levels or take your chances with a knock on your husband's chamber door?" Cain whispered in her ear, nipping it and holding her tighter with his tail.

"Please, spiral up," she said, looking frantic. "Lately-"

"He's been stomping your traitorous ass into a black puddle," Cain said, chuckling, and then placed both hands on the table at either side of her hips.

Instantly the Vampire Council table developed a fissure and split in two. Cain's wings opened; Lilith screamed and slapped his face hard enough to draw blood. He smiled, reared back, and severed the vein in her throat as he opened the Harpies' chasm in the floor, then dragged her over the precipice dissolving into a V-point mist spiral headed for Lucifer's door.

It was an act so brazen that even Harpies whirled past shuddering and tried to hide, knowing they'd be collateral damage in a rampage. The caverns cleared. Roaring flames from the bottomless pit hissed and spit at the molecular violation. Damned souls retreated in cower�ing waves, cringing at the speeding intrusion. The scorching heat forced him to move against her faster, each cell bonding and breaking into hers at the atomic pleasure level, becoming one with the dense plumes of sulfur. What a way to die!

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