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The Wicked (Vampire Huntress Legend #8)(12)
Author: L.A. Banks

"Yeah, I should be able to do that," Damali said, but there was no confidence in her tone. After a tense minute she opened her eyes. "I don't know what's wrong. It's like something is blocking my heal�ing." Her gaze nervously searched his as her voice dropped to a pained murmur. "This hurts like hell and I can't stop the bleeding."

He almost couldn't speak as he stared at her, his heart thudding against his breastbone. If anything happened to her..."Baby, with�out the Caduceus-"

"Oooohhh... noooo. I am not going to the Queen's Council to ask for that forthis. No way. Ice. Food. Water. Rest. The basics and I'm good. This one feels so bad that I don't even want Mar to see it when we go home. This sucker might need stitches-now how would that seem?"

Carlos dropped his head into his hands and sat back on the bed. "I don't know how to fix this or make the bruises go away. I've healed seduction bites, regular mortal-type wounds, and even helped do a vamp purge with Berkfield, but I don't know. This is different in the way it's delivered. It was a combo bite, I think. Has regular injury mixed with a battle bite, and those are different than turn bites or a se�duction bite... I know what I'm saying probably doesn't make sense to you, but I can try a general healing if you let me touch it."

"Naw, that's all right," she said, laughing and edging away from him, then rolled over onto her stomach and smiled when he seemed hurt. "You made the other end feelreal good, though. What were you cumming, white lightning? Dang." She peered up at him bleary-eyed, laughed, and sprawled out flat in a flop. "It's just the throat that's ten�der. Go easy on the jugular for a few days. Damn, I feel like a virgin all over again behind this mess."

He gently lowered his hands to her bruised shoulders, splaying his palms above the tender surface of her skin. "You've never been nicked in a battle by a vamp, but let me warn you, the battle bites are ugly and are designed for optimum pain. It's gonna hurt like hell in a few minutes, D... ask me how I know. You're still high off the en�dorphin rush. But the minute the battle bite sets in... you're gonna feel it."

Carlos wanted to kick his own ass. He'd held her so tightly and loved her so hard and recklessly that her wings didn't even get a chance to unfold. Had they done so, she might be lying there now with a broken wing that couldn't retract. He leaned down and kissed her shoulder blades. "Even when you were a virgin, I didn't man�handle you like this and leave you this sore-anywhere."

"True," she said, trying to make light of the subject. "See what happens to a girl when she gets married? All the romance is gone- poof-once the honeymoon is over."

"Don't say that, D," he said quietly. "Please, I'm sorry."

"Hey..." she said, turning over with effort. "You're really upset, aren't you? I was just playing, baby. Now I'm the one who's sorry. Don't worry. This will heal."

"I'ma take you into the bathroom and show you in the mirror. All right? Then you'll see why I'm so upset."

"Okay," she said, weaving as she tried to right herself.

"Let me carry you, D," he said quietly, shame singeing his voice. "You lost a lot of blood, too. I could barely seal the bite when I pulled out of it."

"No shit?" she asked, now trying to focus on his face as he gingerly lifted her and began walking. "Ow, that does sorta hurt... like everywhere and then some. Dang."

"No shit, D, and you know I'venever come at you like that. Had you been on top, I mighta broken a wing if they presented. I grabbed you too hard."

"Baby, it's all right... You just got caught up in the moment."

He shook his head and nodded toward the mirror. "Tell methat's all right, Damali."

The gasp escaped before she could cover her mouth with her hand. Horrified, she couldn't turn away from their reflection. Silver tears were in her husband's eyes, and her throat had been mauled. She leaned forward to get closer to the mirror, turning slightly to better examine the side of her neck, when she noticed the shoulder bruises from his grip.

"Honey, put me down," she whispered, "so I can see how bad it is. Baby, this wasn't your fault. It was... it was..."

Damali held on to the sink, at a loss for words as Carlos let her down slowly to stand, and she looked at the loose flap of skin that bunched around crimson, angry flesh within a black-and-blue knot. Instant pain shot through her, just seeing it.

"Don't," he whispered, as she leaned closer to the mirror and moved the flap with her finger.

"Holy shit," she said, swallowing hard, and holding on to his arm. "I think I'm gonna be sick. Ohmigod, I saw a vein. Oh, shit, I'm go�ing into shock; that's why I can't feel anything. Ohmigod, ohmigod, I've never been battle nicked in the throat in my f**king life, ohmigod-this ain't a neat love-bite puncture. Move."

She went to the toilet in a wobbly path and hurled, clutching cold porcelain and breathing deeply as he held her up, rubbing her back. Hot coursing silver was running down her thighs. She was freaked out; he was freaked out, but she tried to play it off to help him deal af�ter she finished vomiting, her words coming out in a shaky rasp. "I'm bleeding silver, so I guess I'll be okay."

Panic had put a sheen on his brow, and he held her more closely as he inspected her throat again. "No. Just red-"

"Look down," she said, pointing at her legs with her eyes squeezed shut.

"I gotta get you to a hospital, you're hem-"

"No!" she said, breathing hard and holding up her hand while leaning against him. "That's painkiller." She tried to smile before her husband flatlined with a very human coronary. "I asked you were you cumming white lightning, but shit. If you hadn't, I'd be in ICU."

"Damali, I swear I'm either taking you outta here to Marlene or to an ER buck na**d if I have to and-"

"Stop," she said, leaning her cheek against his chest. "It was bound to happen sooner or later. A girl's gotta learn how to take a battle bite, sooner or later."

"What? Bound to happen sooner or later! This ain't nothing to joke around about, Damali. I'm your husband and I f**king bit you like-"

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