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Faster Harder (Take Me... #1)
Author: Colleen Masters

Chapter One

In a Barcelona Bathroom

With my back pressed firmly against the plush bathroom wall, I cock an eyebrow at my tattooed companion.

“I’m guessing this is a pretty regular thing for you?” I ask.

His devilish grin stretches wider in response as he slides the bathroom door’s lock into place. Thank god for single stalls that are big enough for double capacity. I have a feeling that I won’t want anyone walking in on us and catching an eyeful of what we’re about to get up to.

“You seem pretty comfortable yourself, Siena,” my mystery man says in a sexy British accent, planting his hands on the wall just above my shoulders. He’s got me boxed in now, and the proximity of his firm, sculpted body to mine is making my temperature soar.

“Blame it on the tequila,” I laugh, tilting my head to the side.

His eyes drink in the sight of me, but still he keeps a few inches of space between us. I wish he would press himself up against me, pin me in place with those powerful hips. But I get the feeling that this man isn’t used to having to make the first move. It’s no wonder, either. With those sharp, impeccably balanced features and an ass you could bounce a quarter off of, he probably doesn’t have to work very hard to get most women crawling after him on their hands and knees.

Thing is, I’m not like most women. Or rather, not like most women this guy would go for. That much is clear.

“Aren’t you going to kiss me, Harrison?” I challenge him, forcing my eyes to stay locked evenly with his. The elegant bathroom stall is spinning rather dizzily around me. If I’d had one more drink back at the bar, I’d be asking for a ride home, rather than a kiss. But I know how to handle myself when it comes to booze. I’m perched on the line between tipsy and drunk, uninhibited and ready for the night to take a sexy turn.

My companion brushes a loose chestnut curl away from my forehead and cups my cheek in his firm hand. He’s teasing me, trying to draw me out...and it’s working. I can feel every fiber of my being calling out for his touch.

“You’re terrible,” I grin, running my fingers down along the hard panes of his chest, the rippled expanse of his abs.

“We’ll see about that,” he says, and presses his ripped body hard against mine.

His full lips find mine, and the taste of him is more intoxicating than any alcohol I’ve consumed tonight. I press my mouth against his, opening myself to him with abandon. He looses a hand, trailing his fingers along my bare thigh. A ripple of anticipation courses through my every nerve, and I bring my teeth down lightly on his lower lip. He sucks in a breath and grabs my wrists, drawing them up over my head. We lock eyes mischievously for the briefest of moments before letting our lips lock again.

This is not exactly how I’d expected my night on the town to unfold. But I’m certainly not complaining...


I landed in Barcelona fewer than twelve hours ago with the rest of Team Ferrelli, the Formula One racing team that has been synonymous with “family” since the minute I was born. We’re here for the Barcelona Grand Prix, the first of many races of the 2013 tournament season.

And while we’ve certainly got plenty of work to do over the course of this weekend, the boss cut me some slack tonight so that I could see this gorgeous city—I guess it doesn’t hurt that the boss happens to be my father.

Alfonso Lazio, my dear old dad, is an F1 racing legend and majority shareholder of Team Ferrelli. He’s one of the most famous racers to have ever come out of Italy, as he’ll be the first to tell you. Our family is a true racing dynasty—around the track, the name Lazio carries some weight. But after my father, I’m still not the most well-known of our clan, not by a long shot. My older brother Lorenzo, friends and family call him Enzo, is the real celebrity of our brood. Dad’s been grooming him since before he could walk to be the next World Champion in our family line. And the way things have been going lately, that might just be the case.

Enzo’s been working his way up through the Ferrelli ranks ever since he was a teenager. Though our dad is famous in his own right, Enzo still had to work hard to get where he is today. You don’t get to be a champion by name dropping if you can’t back your bragging up. Last year, Enzo finished 4th overall, an incredible feat for such a young racer. But this year, he’s got his eyes on the big number one.

I visited Enzo’s hotel suite before heading out earlier this evening, and sure enough, he was hard at work scrutinizing the Barcelona track.

“Sure you don’t want to come with me, Enzo?” I ask, bouncing on the edge of his cushy king bed. “There’s this amazing open air nightclub I want to check out.”

“By yourself?” Enzo asks, his attention finally wrestled away from the track layout.

“Yeah right,” I say, rolling my eyes, “As if dad would ever let me wander off without a chaperone. Charlie’s going to take me.”

Charlie Spano, son of the Ferrelli team manager Gus, has been tagging along after me since we were kids. We grew up around the race track together, as Gus was my dad’s manager before Enzo’s. We’re both twenty-five, Charlie and I, and it’s a pretty common assumption among the team that we’ll eventually pair off and settle down. I love Charlie like a brother and always will, but there’s no way in hell we’re ever going to be a couple. Unfortunately, Charlie hasn’t seemed to figure that out just yet.

“He’ll keep a good eye on you,” Enzo says, turning back to his studies.

“Keep me from meeting anyone interesting, you mean?” I say.

“Exactly,” Enzo smiles.

“You realize that’s a total double standard, right?” I demand, “I’ve lost track of how many F1 groupies you’ve hooked up with over the years, but I can’t even go dancing with the locals without a watch dog?”

“What can I say?” Enzo sighs, “That’s life, Siena. I don’t make the rules.”

“No, that’s Dad’s domain,” I mutter.

Enzo’s dark brows furrow over his rich brown eyes. He hates it when I get annoyed with Dad’s way of running things. My brother and I are practically identical in so many ways. We both inherited my dad’s smooth olive skin, glossy brown hair, and sharp features. From my mother, we got our svelte statures and our whip-like wits. But one thing we’ve never shared is how we feel about our little family. That’s probably because our places within it have always been so different.

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