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Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel #1)(7)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

“Got it!” Madison held up a pink woman’s wallet. She stumbled over a box while opening it. She found a school ID and a driver’s license hidden behind it. “That bitch,” she muttered.

“Let me see that,” Ephraim said through tight lips. His fangs were dropping. He forced them back with his tongue, but he didn’t want to take a chance that she would see them.

“Here.” She handed it to him without looking at him, completely oblivious that her life was on the line at the moment.

“Well?” Carl asked nervously.

“It’s fake, Carl.”

“Shit.” He started sobbing. “But see I didn’t know that. I really thought she was an adult. Madison, I’m so sorry!”

“Carl, don’t call again,” Madison said.

“I won’t I swear. Tell her to stay away from me.”

“It won’t be too hard, Carl,” she said, ending the phone call.

He tossed the ID onto the bed. “Looks like you need to have a little talk about the birds and the bees with your little sister,” he said a little harsher than he intended. He needed to get the hell out of here


Cold glimmering brown eyes narrowed on him. She nodded firmly and spoke evenly. “I’m sorry this woke you up. It won’t happen again. Now if you’ll excuse me I have something to do.”

As far as dismissals went this one was good. It had the opposite effect on him of course. He hated authority and hated being told what to do even more. Unfortunately for him his teeth were throbbing in his mouth. If he didn’t leave soon he was going to give himself away. So with a tight nod he turned and left, closing the door firmly behind him. Let the tomboy handle it. He didn’t want the drama and most certainly didn’t want to deal with a fifteen year old who couldn’t keep her legs closed.

Madison traced the pink heart with her finger. This was Jill’s box. She must have grabbed it by accident. She took a steadying breath before she dumped the contents of the box onto the bed.

Her hand shot to her mouth as she gasped. Who knew it only took two weeks to change a person this much? She froze on that thought. Did she change or maybe Madison missed something. She pushed the condoms, cigarettes and nips of alcohol to the side and sat down. She went over in her mind everything she could remember about Jill. There wasn’t that much since Madison had been busy with her new job and looking for a new place for them.

There had to be something she missed. If Jill was really the responsible level headed kid she thought she was then two weeks and Candy wouldn’t have been enough to change her. No, Madison failed. She missed something some time ago and Jill slipped. It took Candy for Jill to feel comfortable with acting out in front of Madison. Until then the behavior was hidden.

“Shit,” she mumbled.

She picked up the packs of condoms and grimaced. Part of her wanted to throw them away, thinking if Jill didn’t have them she wouldn’t have sex. That was stupid since she already knew Jill hated using them. Of course if she didn’t have them available when she was able to sneak away she would go ahead and have sex without them. Then there would be more problems than just a fifteen having sex. She could catch something or get pregnant. Jill was just like Candy now. She shouldn’t have a baby. No, there was no choice, she threw the condoms, clothes and phone back in the box and closed it.

The alcohol and cigarettes were a different story. She gathered those up and went into the bathroom. She emptied the bottles and cigarettes into the toilet and flushed. That took care of that supply. In a week she was going to search Jill’s room once she was settled in. Until then she was going to have to keep a close eye on her. One thing was certain, Candy had to go.


“I’m sorry, miss. This car is shot.” Earl, the mechanic of Earl’s Garage, wiped his sweaty dirty face with an equally dirty and greasy cloth.

“Oh no!” Madison pushed her long black hair that everyone said looked like silk back over her shoulder. Up until this point she wasn’t sure if she was having a good day or a bad day. Ten minutes ago she would have said it was fifty-fifty. Now it was easily seventy-five to twenty-five in odds of a bad day.

Her day started off good. She wore her most professional skirt that ended just above the knee and her favorite lavender blouse that somehow survived the trip without wrinkles. There was even hot water after her neighbor finished his half hour shower. She'd spent the entire half hour cursing him.

Jill dressed appropriately after Grandma handled her. Joshua was happy and she was able to eat breakfast despite her nerves. Her car even started on the first try. Then things became a little iffy.

Her new job was in a very nice school. The building was new. She had an excellent parking spot. The head of her department was an old woman who never stopped smiling and her classroom was well ventilated. Her desk was made of oak and completely blocked the view beneath so that no one saw her fidgeting. Everything in her room was brand new. The students were a different story all together.

The males kept staring at her all day. She could feel their eyes running down her backside and down her legs. Every time she talked to one of her male students she had to work to keep their eyes on her face and not her br**sts. She couldn’t understand it. The skirt wasn’t too tight and her blouse didn’t show much cle**age.

Actually compared to the way many of the female students dressed, her clothes should have been considered conservative. Some of the girls in her class reminded her of the half na**d groupies in music videos. Their boobs practically hung out, many of them including Jill to her horror, stuffed. They wore thongs and low cut jeans so that their thongs could be seen. It was a scary sight indeed.

The girls in her class, the ones who dressed to impress the male population, hated her on sight. They snickered and whispered when one of the more popular males made eyes at her. It was annoying to say the least. She ended up assigning a paper just to get control of the room. Now she was feared, that was good.

To her horror the students were not the only males with wandering eyes. The teacher’s lounge ended up being worse. The men spoke to her and asked questions, but their eyes remained fixed on her br**sts. This was insane. Halfway through her break she excused herself and returned to her room to eat in silence.

What was wrong with men? She didn’t have this problem in New Mexico. There all the men knew her. She spent most of her free time on the Reservation with her friends. It was her safe haven since she was ten. They all knew her and treated her like family. It’s not that she didn’t have the occasional admirer there. She did date several men from the tribe. It’s just they were more respectful. They were her friends as well as her family. They taught her everything about life and her culture.

The men from school were a little bit more obvious about their attentions towards her. Back home if she caught a man staring he usually had the good sense to look guilty and mutter an apology. Not here, oh no, here she seemed to be eye candy. The men started with her face and she could see the appreciation in their eyes as they would run down her body hungrily.

Finally she resigned herself to this situation. After a few weeks this would end. They would be used to her and treat her with more respect. She just had to hang in there. There was one man who didn’t look at her like that, Nick. He was in her department and seemed nice. It didn't hurt that he was g*y. At least she could count on one man behaving himself.

The rest of the day seemed to go downhill. Jill, her little sister, decided she was going to make a splash. She changed her clothes sometime between breakfast and first bell. Her bra was overstuffed, her thong was high, her clothes too tight and she wore too much make-up. She flirted with every boy in class, in her class. It was like watching a horror flick. Madison of course gave her detention for a week. She hid her smile. That felt good. Jill scowled at her for the remainder of the class, but didn’t say another word, smart girl.

She decided to run home and change before looking at cars. Halfway there her car started to sputter. It seemed like she was getting a break when her car died in front of Earl’s Garage. That had been a tease she was sure of it now. Someone was laughing at her no doubt about it.

“So, there’s no hope?”

Earl twirled a toothpick in his mouth. “Not a one. I’m surprised it lasted this long.”

She sighed, “Me too.”

Earl walked around the car muttering to himself. “Earl?”


“Do you want the car? You can take it apart and sell it for parts or whatever.”

He nodded slowly. “How much?”

She shook her head. “Just take it. It’s yours.”

“You sure?”


“Okay.” He gave her a tobacco stained grin.

Madison grabbed a few items and stuffed them into her backpack. After signing over the title and saying goodbye to the car she decided a walk for the last three miles was in order. She needed to clear her head.

She took her heels off and walked along the road. It didn’t matter that it was cold out. The only things that mattered were the sound of the birds, the feel of grass beneath her feet and fresh air in her lungs. She loved to walk. She spent hours at home walking. It cleared her head and relaxed her.


“That’s enough of that.” Ephraim turned the radio off making the purr of his car louder. Silence was golden. He missed the days of true silence where birds, children's laughter and the sounds of horses filled the air.

That's why three years ago he moved to New Hampshire. He needed peace and quiet. He was sick of the loud noises in the city. He wanted to spend his days quietly so he took this job. He was on duty five days a week with the two days off. It was perfect.

With the radio shut off he could think. This weekend would be perfect for some fishing. He could rent his usual cabin and relax. There would be no tomboy to tempt him. What was it about her blood? Was it because she was a virgin? He didn’t think so. The virgins he used to feed off didn’t make him insane with hunger. There was something off about this Madison woman and finding out what that was, was not an option.

She was too tempting. She was plain as far as he could tell, but that was just the package. What lay inside was driving him insane. All night he tossed and turned, trying to fight the urge to go back to her room and have a taste. Finally in the morning he couldn’t take anymore and took a long cold shower, trying to wake up.

Now he just had to go home and avoid the woman. It shouldn’t be too hard. He never ate meals and didn’t go into the main house. He would relax in his room and file his reports for the day online. Then he could catch up on some sleep.

His eyes narrowed on something two miles down the road, a woman. His eyesight was perfect. He smiled. That was a good thing in this case. This woman was perfection. “Holy shit,” he mumbled softly as he slowed down so that he could take his time appreciating this beauty.

Her hair shimmered in the sun. It was beautiful and black. Generous h*ps swayed gently beneath a short skirt. Her backside was perfectly curved as well as her legs. She had a beautiful golden tan. Damn, this woman was hot. He was willing to bet the front would be just as inviting.

He shifted in his seat and laughed. It looked like his body was interested. Perhaps this beauty would like to help end over a hundred years of celibacy. It seemed he no longer thought sex was boring. He checked his breath and hair and sped up.

Ephraim didn’t look at her as he drove past. He pulled his car onto the shoulder twenty yards ahead and watched her approach. His groin hardened painfully. She was even more beautiful than he imagined. Her face was raised to the sun while her eyes were closed. She looked like she was enjoying the sun, well that was fine because it allowed him to enjoy the view freely.

Her face was stunning. She was so beautiful it hurt. Her black hair and tan complexion meshed together perfectly. She was shorter than him, but he liked his women shorter. Her br**sts were good size, but not too big. They looked like they would fill his hands perfectly with no waste. Her waist was narrow while her h*ps were wide. He was imagining her legs wrapped around him as she walked past his car.

It had been a very long time since he wooed a woman. He was sure it hadn’t changed that much, flirt, keep eye contact and make a suggestion. No wait, they went on a date first nowadays. Okay, so he had to get her to agree to a date, dinner and a movie. That was the new mating ritual. He bought her some entertainment and then she would provide him with some. That’s how they did it in the movies at least.

First he had to talk to her. He stepped out of the car and adjusted his gun and tie. “Excuse me, miss?” He used his most charming smile.

The woman stopped and turned around. Beautiful brown eyes met his. They reminded him of someone. He couldn’t think past how beautiful she was. It left him speechless until she spoke of course.

“Ephraim?” She looked worried. “Are you okay?”

She knew him? Impossible. He would never forget meeting someone like her. He didn’t want to let her know that he didn’t remember her. He seemed to remember that women hated it when he forgot their names.

“What are you doing out here walking?” He gestured to the long stretch of road.

She bit her lip. “My car finally died. I left it with Earl. He promised me a proper burial.” She smiled. It was contagious, he couldn’t help smiling back.

He gestured to his car. “Do you want a ride?”

She looked up at the sun and then back at him. “No, thank you. It’s too beautiful a day to waste.” His thoughts exactly. “It’s only another mile. I’ll be fine. Don’t worry.” She sounded like she was saying goodbye. He didn’t want her to say goodbye that meant he wouldn’t be able to look at her for much longer.

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