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Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel #1)(18)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

“I’m not yours, Ephraim!” she shrieked as she reached for the gun. He grabbed her, pushing her back the last few feet until her back was pressed against the wall. She gripped the gun tightly in her hand.

She could make out the outline of his body and his red eyes. “You are mine, Madison. You’ve always been mine. You just didn’t know it and neither did I, but you’re mine, sweetheart, all mine and I’m never going to let you go.” He shook his head slowly as he leaned in. Oh god he was going to bite her!

The sound of the gun cocking was his only warning that she had the gun. He should have known, but he hadn’t been thinking clearly. She pressed the muzzle of the gun into his side.

“Step back from me. The kitchen’s closed so you’ll have to find your meal somewhere else,” she said coldly.

He slowly pulled his head back. “Madison?”

“I said move back, you’re not going to drain me tonight!”

“That’s what you think this is about?” he snapped. He was angry. He wanted her so much and she thought he wanted to feed off her. Didn’t she know that he wanted her? Didn’t she want him as badly as he wanted her?

“Step back.”

“No, I don’t want your blood!”

She scoffed, “Liar.”

He grabbed her free hand and brought it to the front of his drawers and guided it slowly over his erection. He moaned softly. “That’s why I’m here, Madison.” He ran her hand down his long length several times and she let him. She was so shocked by the turn of events. She was also very curious.

She would never admit that she enjoyed the last time they did this. He was so…so big. His erection was straining against the material of his boxers and she wondered if it would burst through. His forehead dropped gently against hers. He was panting and she realized that she was, too. She never wanted anything more than she wanted him at this moment. The pain in her body from denying herself for so long was becoming too much. She needed him. Ephraim would take the pain away.

He dropped his hand away, but she didn’t stop moving her hand.

“That feels so good,” he groaned. He lowered his mouth on hers and kissed her gently, taking his time getting her used to the feel of his lips. He took the gun from her putting the safety on and returned it to the shelf as he kissed her.

His lips felt so good. It was too good to be true. Any second now he would force his tongue inside her mouth and then it wouldn’t be so nice. That’s the way it always happened. She prayed it wouldn’t happen, but she knew it would. It made her feel almost sad.

Ephraim’s thumbs hooked into the waistband of her panties and pulled, quickly snapping them without hurting her. She gasped, opening her mouth wide enough for him to slide his tongue inside and he did. He gently licked her lips and slowly darted his tongue inside.

His tongue was warm silk. He moved it confidently in her mouth. It wasn’t rough and awkward like the other men. He teased and caressed her until she was moving her tongue against his, making him groan with satisfaction.

The cool air on her breast was her only clue that he ripped her shirt off as well. His hands gently caressed her back and bottom before moving to the front where he slid his hands up her stomach and over her br**sts, brushing her hard ni**les with his palm.

She moaned and squeezed his erection. He groaned into her mouth. Curious at his reaction she stopped touching him and pulled down his underwear, freeing him. It sprang free, slapping against her stomach.

He brushed her hand away as she reached for it again. She wanted to feel it.

“My turn.”

“What?” She sounded dazed.

“My turn,” he said simply. He pressed hot open mouthed kisses down her neck to her breast. He kissed and licked under her entire breast except the nipple. He ignored that, driving Madison crazy. The nipple became painfully hard. She squirmed and moaned. His hands joined his mouth and cupped her breast, gently squeezing and caressing her, but they too ignored the ni**les.

Just when she thought he was going to finally relieve the tension in her nipple he moved his mouth to the next breast and did the same thing. She closed her eyes. “Please, Ephraim!”

He chuckled against her skin. His wet tongue flicked her very hard nipple. She gasped and moaned loudly.

“Is this what you want?”

“Yes!” she practically yelled. His mouth closed over the nipple, pulling it into his mouth where he suckled it hard while flicking his tongue against it. He pinched and twisted her other nipple between his fingers. Her lower stomach felt like it was swelling. It was so painful. She needed relief.

Ephraim’s mouth left her br**sts to his very capable hands. He licked and nipped his way down to her legs. She tried to close her legs out of embarrassment. He pressed kisses around the area that was bare to him to the top of her mound. When he began lapping at the area with his tongue she moaned his name and slowly opened her legs for him.

He traced the slit with the tip of his tongue. She was so wet and swollen. He couldn’t get enough of her flavor. He had to have more. He pushed his tongue inside her. She moaned as her h*ps reflexively pushed against his mouth. He ran his tongue around her opening.

Every muscle in her body was tense. She was stopping herself from moving against him. At that moment he wanted nothing more than for her to ride his mouth. The very idea caused his c**k to jump with anticipation.

He pulled his mouth away, making her whimper. “It’s okay, baby. Put your leg over my shoulder.” When she didn’t move he moved her leg for her, hitching it over his shoulder. She looked confused. “It’s okay.”

His hands left her br**sts to cup her bottom. He slid his tongue into the very core of her, making her moan loudly. His hands gripped her bottom tightly, moving her against his mouth. It took only a few seconds for Madison to follow his lead. She used her leg on his back as leverage to move herself against his mouth. Soon she was moving on her own.

She couldn’t believe she was doing this. Later when she thought about this she would die of humiliation, but right now she would die if she stopped. It felt heavenly. His tongue was strong and firm inside of her. He moaned, sending delicious vibrations through her. She moved harder against him, she couldn’t help it and he didn’t seem to mind. Actually he seemed to love it judging by his moans.

“Ephraim,” she moaned with her eyes closed as she ground herself against his mouth in a circular motion. He flicked her tongue inside of her hard making her grab onto his head for both support and to keep him there. She looked down to see two beautiful glowing red eyes watching her. It sent her over the edge.

She held on for dear life as a cl**ax ripped through her. She screamed his name over and over again until she was too weak to move. Still he didn’t stop. He licked her more softly. He focused on teasing her. It was too much. Her body couldn’t handle that again so soon.

“Ephraim..no…please….I can’t do that again….it’s too much,” she panted.

He pressed a soft kiss against her slit. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and stood up. “Shh, it’s okay.” He scooped her up and carried her to the bed. He crawled in next to her pulling her into his arms.

She pressed lazy kisses to his chin. “Mmmm, that was so good, Ephraim. Thank you,” she said sleepily.

He chuckled. “You’re very welcome.”

“You’re eyes are still red,” she mumbled followed by a long yawn.

“Are you tired, sweetheart?” He pressed a kiss to her forehead.

“Mmmhmm.” Her eyes closed.

She wasn’t going to sleep. Not yet.

“Can I have a goodnight kiss then?” he asked softly.

She turned to face him with a sweet sleepy smile. “Yes.”

He placed his hand on her hip, holding her steady as he leaned in and brushed his lips over hers in a teasing kiss. He moved his lips over hers until hers moved against his. He slowly deepened the kiss and waited while she slowly woke up and the kiss turned hungry.

Madison felt her body stir once again. It didn't have a choice with Ephraim slowly grinding his h*ps against hers. He held her securely against him as he slid his erection against her slit.

She was wet again. He could feel the evidence as it coated his hard shaft with each passing. She moaned into his mouth, letting him know she loved the friction just as much as he did.

“Lift your leg,” he said quietly.

His hand was already pulling her leg up as he spoke. He pulled his h*ps back and moved forward, changing the angle until he was pressed against her slit. He lowered her leg. It felt funny having his erection trapped between her legs and poking out the back of them.

It stopped being funny when he began moving. “Oh god!” she gasped. It was an entirely new sensation. He was rubbing her cl*t with every movement and teasing her core.

He cupped her breast as he kissed her and thrust gently between her legs. New moisture pooled between her legs. Didn’t he understand what he was doing? It was too much. It was more than last time. She needed more. “Please! Ephraim, please!”

“Please what?” he asked against her mouth.


He thrust harder yet slower between her legs. “Do you want me inside of you?”


“I want that, too,” he said quietly. Using his body he rolled her onto her back. Her legs came up around him, holding him tightly against her. She was afraid he would stop. There was no chance of that happening.

“This is going to hurt,” he warned.

Chapter 11

“I don’t care, Ephraim! Just do it please!” she begged.

He chuckled softly as he positioned himself. He could see her. He could see everything. Darkness meant nothing to him. He saw everything as clearly as if it were day only in blue tints and he was never happier about that than right now.

She could see his eyes in the dark. They were bright and intense, but she couldn’t see his jaw set tightly or the look of possession on his face. She was his. She just didn’t know it yet. He slowly pushed in watching the expression on her face. He slipped past her entrance and continued to push.

It was the tightest hold he’d ever experienced. He always dealt with women with experience. He was too afraid to be any woman’s first and he wouldn’t do it anyway. He was brought up to believe that if you bedded a virgin you stole from her future husband. No, back then you married the woman you deflowered and that rule stuck with him even to this day.

He had to stop when he came across the evidence of her virginity. Once he broke through she was his. That wasn’t what stopped him though. Once he broke through her maidenhood there would be pain and blood.

Madison’s blood.

He didn’t know how he would react once her blood hit the air. Why hadn't he thought about this before? All he thought about since the day on the side of the road was burying himself to the hilt in her body. Of course he would start to think clearly once he was inside of her, he thought dryly.

“Ephraim is something wrong?” her voice was pained.

“I can’t do this,” he said, pulling back from her.

“Ephraim?” Her voice shook. “Did I do something wrong? Is it me?”

Oh god, she was breaking his heart. “No, baby, you didn’t do anything.” He pulled out of her body. It was the most difficult thing he’d ever done in his life. He turned his back on her and sat on the edge of the bed.

His hands clenched into fists in his lap. He dropped his head and tried to calm down. His body shook with need for her.

“Ephraim?” She moved across the bed until she was hugging him. Pressing her br**sts against his back.

He shook his head in agony. “Baby, please stop you’re killing me.”

“Stop what?”

“Touching me.”

She pulled back. “You don’t want me to touch you?” her voice broke.

“I want you to touch me so much, baby. It’s all I think about, but we forgot something.”


He chuckled harshly. “No, I don’t need them. Disease can’t live in my body.”

“Then what?”

“Blood, baby, you’re going to bleed when I take away your virginity and I’m afraid of my reaction to your blood. I don’t trust myself not to give into bloodlust.”

“Have you ever slept with a woman when she was bleeding?” she asked curiously.

He cringed. “I don’t want to talk about other women, Madison. I haven’t been with a woman in a very long time. They didn’t mean anything to me then and they mean less now.” He heard her breath catch.

“You’re the only one I’ve ever cared about. Believe me if I didn’t I would have taken your virginity just now without a second thought. I can’t hurt you.” He dropped his face into his hands.

“Answer the question. Have you slept with a woman while she had her period?”

He sighed, “Yes.” It used to be one of his favorite times to be with a woman. He loved tasting blood mixed with a woman’s juices.

“Did you ever have a problem with bloodlust then?”

“No, I was always in control.”

“So, you never bit any of them?”

He ran his hands through his hair in frustration. “I never said that.”

Madison moved away from him. She sat in the middle of the bed and brought her legs up, hugging them. “If you bit them then why would it be a problem if I bled a little bit?”

His hands dropped back into his lap. “I bit them for pleasure and hunger. It was a way to get what I wanted and give them something in return.”

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