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Tall, Dark & Lonely (Pyte/Sentinel #1)(17)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

Purely on instinct she began to rub her pelvis against him. His hands released her br**sts and shoved her shirt up until her br**sts were free. His mouth latched onto one hard nipple, sucking hard while she moved against him.

Her movements were frantic as she searched for a release that she desperately needed. Hot liquid was pooling in her painfully swollen sex. She had to get it, needed it as she increased her movements. Ephraim reached down between them and ripped his towel open so that she could get closer.

She felt the difference immediately. Mere seconds ago he felt good but now that the towel was out of the way he felt heavenly. Without the towel his hard shaft was pressed firmly between the lips of her sex. The only thing separating them was the thin material of her cotton shorts. She couldn’t get enough as she panted and moved desperately on him.

Ephraim’s eyes rolled in the back of his head as she rode him. Never in a million years had he expected this. The virginal Madison was wild on his lap. He could smell how aroused she was and it made him harder than he’d ever been in his very long life. He gripped her h*ps and moved her harder against him.

Suddenly his mouth released her nipple as he dropped his head back and groaned loudly. “Ah f**k, Madison, f**k you’re so wet, baby.”

She’d be embarrassed, later. Right now it felt too damn good to care. If possible she began grinding against him harder. His grip tightened on her h*ps as he exhaled loudly, “Fuck it, my turn.”

Before she could say anything he had her on her back. His hand held one of her br**sts firmly pushing it up so he could lick and suck on it while he began grinding into her.

“Ephraim!” she cried out as he positioned the tip of his erection against the wet cloth that covered her until it was pushing between the folds. He thrust gently against her, teasing her center with the cloth covered tip of his erection.

He grunted and groaned as he worked to pleasure her. Madison spread her legs even further for him while she ran her hands down to his bare backside and cupped him. He growled against her br**sts.

“Oh, please don’t stop,” she whimpered.

He growled louder and moved harder against her savagely. She wasn’t overly concerned when she heard fabric rip. His erection was quickly creating a hole in her small shorts. It felt too good to complain.

In seconds the large tip of his c**k was in her. A loud growl filled the room as the first sensation of being inside of her shot through him. She was unbelievably tight and so f**king wet and hot. He forced himself not to push further knowing that she would hate him. Madison’s head dropped back as she moaned loudly. He raised himself up, making sure not to push further into her and reached down to rub his thumb over her clit.

She grabbed the bed spread and started thrashing beneath him. Her h*ps rolled up trying to push him further in, but he pulled back just enough.

“Ephraim…Ephraim!” He licked his lips as she cl**axed. It was the most erotic thing he’d ever seen. She was still cl**axing as his fangs dropped. He pushed them back. This was for her, not him.

When she was finally done she closed her eyes and steadied her breathing. She became aware of several things at once. She just had the most powerful orgasm of her life. The tip of Ephraim’s penis was in her. Worst of all, he watched as she came. Her cheeks heated as she gently pushed him.

He felt the change in her at once and knew all he had to do was kiss and touch her again and he could have her. Instead to his own surprise he backed off and watched as she righted her clothes and walked out of the room without looking back at him. At the door she paused and mumbled, “Please forget this ever happened.”

“Okay.” He reluctantly agreed to give her some comfort, but he would never forget. Couldn’t. Even now he wanted to bring her back into his bed. For the first time in his life he didn’t just want sex with a woman. He wanted all of her.

Chapter 10

“Is he still there?” Madison whispered. She didn’t know why she even bothered whispering since he would hear her.

Jill laughed. “Yes, I don’t think hiding helps.”

Madison straightened up from behind the clothes rack. “It couldn’t hurt,” she mumbled, kicking herself inwardly for her choice of escape tonight. She came here to walk around just to get out of the house. It wasn't as if she had any money to buy something. Damn it, she should have just hidden in her room, again.

“Well, apparently it couldn’t help, because he’s coming over now.” Jill grinned wickedly. “I think I’ll go see who’s hanging out at the food court now.”

“Jill! Don’t you dare….Jill? Get back here! Traitor!” Madison hissed at Jill’s back. She would get her back one way or another.

Ephraim stopped two feet in front of her. His jaw was set, his eyes were cold. “You’ve been avoiding me,” he blurted out.

She looked away pretending to look at a dress. “No, I haven’t.”

“Yes, you have.”

“You’re imagining things,” she said in a condescending tone.

“Am I?” He stepped closer, she retreated. “That’s what I thought.”

“What? I’m shopping,” she said in an innocent tone as she turned her back on him. He looked so good. He was wearing a blue shirt, black tie and his trousers made him look hot. His gun made him look dangerous.

“No, you’re avoiding me.”

She scoffed. “Someone thinks highly of himself.”

“It’s not that. For the past month you ran every time you saw me or ducked behind something.” He gestured to the clothes rack. “You hide in your room, you ignore my knocks, and you leave an hour early in the morning or wait until I leave just to avoid me. You started eating in your room when I started coming down during dinner time, and you haven’t used our bathroom in three weeks.”

Madison casually walked to another section. This close proximity was messing with her head. She needed some distance just to think clearly. He had this affect on her. He was the only one. It would be so much easier for her if she feared him.

“You’re doing it again!” he said, walking after her.

She chuckled weakly. “I am not I’m looking at…at….” she stammered. What the hell was she looking at? Ha! She was still in the woman’s section, although the clothes seemed to be a bit bigger here.

“So, when’s the bundle of joy arriving? I assume we’re talking Immaculate Conception.”

Her face turned red. He was an awful, awful man. “I’m looking for a friend,” she lied.

“How kind of you,” he said dryly. “I thought women bought for the baby.”

She shrugged and decided to go with the lie. “There’s no law that says I can’t buy something nice for my friend.”

“Of course not. So what’s this friend’s name?”


“Betty is very fortunate to have a friend like you,” he said casually.

“At least she’s not stalking me.”

“Who’s stalking you?” he asked as he thumbed through shirts.

She turned on him, fists on h*ps and hissed. “You are!”

He threw his head back and laughed.

“Stop that!”

Still chuckling he said. “I’m sorry but-“

“As you should be.”

“I came here to find some new shirts. I didn’t know that you were here and I’m not following you. You’re just paranoid,” he lied, partially. He did need new shirts. When Joshua told him where she was that need became urgent.

Her eyes narrowed. “So, you’re saying that you’re not stalking me?”

He did his best to look innocent. “Of course not.”

She pointedly looked at his empty hands. “Then where are your shirts?”

Damn. “I saw you before I found any.”

“Which entrance did you come in?”

“What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?”

“Just answer the question.”

“Fine, the front entrance.”

“Ha!” A woman with a small child walking by jumped and hurried away.

He chuckled. “Easy now, you’re scaring the natives.”

She gestured calmly towards the front of the store. “If you truly came in through the front exit you would have come across your shirts and you wouldn’t have seen me.”

Damn it. “I didn’t have to see you, Madison.” He leaned in, placing his mouth next to her ear. “Your scent calls me. It screams for me.”

She swallowed. “It…it could be anyone.”

He exhaled, bathing her skin in his hot breath. It sent goose bumps down her spine. “No darling, no one else, nothing else calls me the way you do. You’re my siren calling me to shore. My beacon. You’re the only thing I desire.”

“I don’t understand. It’s just blood,” she whispered.

He sighed heavily, sending another rush of warm air against her skin. “No, I see you don’t.” He ran his lips over her nape. She smelled so good.

“I’m not afraid of you,” she said firmly.

The scent of female arousal hit him hard. He groaned against her skin. “No, you’re definitely not afraid of me.” He pressed a kiss to her neck. “I don’t want you to be afraid of me.” He pressed another one.

“Because you want my blood,” she gasped.

His kisses made her squirm. He felt so good. She liked everything about him. It was driving her crazy. She didn’t want to feel this way about any man. She didn’t want to be her mother who fell for every guy that looked her way and made her life all about a man. She couldn’t lose herself like that and with Ephraim she was very afraid that she would. “Ephraim if you want some of my blood I could donate it. That should solve your problem.”

He shook his head slightly against the crook of her neck running his lips over her skin in a more delicious manner. “It would never be enough.”

“I could do it once a week,” she added, sounding hopeful.

His hands took hers, entwining their fingers. “It would never be enough for me.” He kissed her neck greedily.

She closed her eyes and her head dropped back of its own accord. “When,” she licked her lips. “When will it be enough?”

“When you’re mine,” he growled against her skin.

She gasped as cool air hit her neck. She looked around in a daze. He was gone.

“As far as exits go that was a good one,” she mumbled.


His words rang through her head. What did he mean by when she was his? Did he expect her to become his cow? Available for a feeding whenever he felt so inclined? Maybe he meant to drain her all at once. If all of her blood was in his stomach then that would certainly make her his, she would imagine.

She punched her pillow, trying to make the damn thing behave and tossed again. If he said it to keep her up all night, well then he certainly succeeded. She sat up suddenly, kicking the covers off.

“That’s it!” If she was going to be up all night then he was going to answer her questions. He still owed her two hours. She had those pictures developed and blown up as promised. She even had them framed and hung in his room. He owed her and she meant to collect, now.

He wasn’t getting out of this tonight. She stormed over to the bathroom door and threw it open and gasped.

Ephraim stood in the doorway. Every muscle in his body was clenched tightly. His eyes were a fiery red and he looked so very dangerous. She took a step back.

“I told myself that if you opened that door.” He looked at the door and then back at her, running his eyes down her baby pink top and matching panties. “That I could have what I wanted. I waited three hours….I couldn’t leave, Madison. I had to wait…I had to…” He took a step into the room.

For the first time since the incident in the dining room she feared him. He said her blood was his weakness and she ignored it. She thought that she was safe as long as she kept her doors locked and avoided him, but she was wrong. She was so very wrong.

She stepped back slowly. She had to get out of here. He was too fast, she knew that. The gun. She needed the gun. Slowly, move slowly. She took another step back towards the closet.

“Go away, Ephraim,” she said, hoping to distract him with conversation long enough so she could grab the gun. Also, she said it on the off chance that he would actually listen.

He took another step towards her. “I can’t, Madison, don’t you see that? I need you.”

“No, what you need is a pint of plasma. Go back to your room, Ephraim, and drink it from a bag.”

He shook his head. “No.”

“Ephraim, think about what you’re doing. You don’t want to do this.” She took another step and then another. Thank god Jill rummaged through her closet earlier. She left the door wide open.

“I do, can’t you tell, Madison? I want you so badly I can’t breathe. I can’t think. Every thought is about you. Day and night I think of nothing but you. It’s distracting, annoying and hell. Don’t you see? I can’t hold back any longer. I want you so badly, Madison,” he said in a sultry voice.

She moved closer to the closet. She just needed to reach up and grab the gun. Then shoot. He would be knocked out, hurt, but he would live and so would she.

“I want you to leave, Ephraim. Now.” She was in the doorway of the closet now.

“No, I know you want this, too. I can smell it on you every time you’re near. You want me just as much as I want you. I’m done playing this game, Madison. I’ve come to take what’s rightfully mine.”

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