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Tegan's Blood (The Ultimate Power #1)(2)
Author: L.H. Cosway

“I like to get to know my prey,” he answers.

“Huh? What the f**k are you talking about?” I ask, becoming both angry and confused.

“Leave her Lucas,” says the red head, bored.

“I’d oblige you Delilah,” he says, snapping his head back to her, too fast almost. “But this one is far too intriguing,” and then he runs a finger down my cheek. “Look at those eyes, so blue, such –what is it that I see, ah yes, pain.”

I flinch back at his accuracy.

“But what kind of pain I wonder?” He asks in a pondering voice. “I would guess – rejection, loss?”

Correct again, but I don’t say anything.

“Ha! I knew it, spot on as always,” he beams triumphantly.

“Can I go?” I ask, looking at the red head and then at the blond man.

“No you can’t,” says the black haired man whose name I now know is Lucas. “Now darling, tell me your name and where you live.”

His eyes are golden and inviting and beautiful, but behind that I sense danger. He stares at me for a long and intense moment. “Tell me,” he demands.

I take a deep breath and then answer. “No way.”

All of a sudden the red head gasps and the blond man’s eyes widen. My interviewer appears pissed off.

“What did you just say?” he asks in a level voice.

“I said no way am I telling you my name or where I live, I don’t even know you.”

“How….” begins the red head, but doesn’t finish.

“Some of them can be strong willed enough to resist,” says the blond man, speaking up for the first time. His voice is even lovelier that the red head’s, with a vaguely American accent. Then he continues, “But usually they have to be aware of what we’re doing, it’s odd that this one can resist and seemingly not know.”

Then he looks at me, really looks at me properly and smiles. I have no clue what the hell they’re talking about, but it is giving me a distinct case of the shivers.

“Interesting,” says Lucas. He smiles at me too, and when he does I see fangs, really good ones as well.

“Hey, are those porcelain?” I ask. “Because my friend Amanda loves to play at the vampire thing too, she has a pair but they aren’t half as realistic as yours.”

He closes his mouth for a moment and then says, “Yes, they are – porcelain.”

“Hmm, where’d you get them?” I try to make small talk so that maybe after a minute I’ll get the chance to slip away.

“The internet,” he replies.

“Oh yeah, I should have guessed.”

“I’m Lucas,” he says, offering his hand, it seems he’s dropped the intense vibe all of a sudden. “And you are?”

“Tegan, but I’m still not telling you where I live.”

“Pretty name,” he smiles. “Pretty everything,” his eyes wander over me, from my lips to my neck and then down.

The red head lets out a heavy sigh.

“Don’t mind Delilah,” says Lucas. “She’s just moody. Or maybe she wants you for herself.”

“I have to get back to my friends, they’ll be wondering where I am.” I interject.

“Don’t you want to stay and get to know each other?” he leers at me, and as he’s doing it he’s also manoeuvring me into the office. Not good. I try to resist but he puts his arm around my waist, and his grip is like iron. A second later all four of us are inside the office with the door firmly closed. The blond man sits down at the head of the desk while Delilah and Lucas take a seat in front of him. There are two other chairs but I don’t sit down.

“You can sit on my lap if you’d like?” says Lucas.

This is a very weird situation. I feel trapped. It really isn’t fair. I look down at my feet and let my hair hang over my face for cover because I can’t hold back the tears that are falling from my eyes. I shouldn’t be crying but I’m still so raw inside.

“Are you crying?” asks Delilah, stunned. The other two just seem to be staring at me.

“Please can I go, I know it’s mad that I’m crying but this is – this is the first time I’ve been outside since something very, very bad happened to me and…”


I look up and the blond man has suddenly appeared in front of me. He tilts his head to the side. Then he traces a finger down my cheek, wiping away a tear, and of all things sticks it in his mouth.

“I like that,” he says, and I don’t know if he means the fact that I’m crying or the taste of my tears.

“Do you – do you work here?” I whisper.

“I own this club.”

“Oh,” I pause in disbelief. “Really?” my forehead scrunches in confusion. He’s far too young to own this place. Another pause. “Well, if that’s the case then could you please ask your friend over there to back off and let me leave?”

“I don’t know if I want you to leave.”

“What?” I ask, getting scared now. This has to be a dream. A f**ked-up fantasy at best.

He laughs, but it isn’t malicious. “I’ll let you go, but first, would you let me try something?”

“Um, yes, well it depends on what it is.” I allow.

“All I need you to do is stare into my eyes and concentrate on what I say to you.”

Weirder and weirder, but if it gets me out of this odd situation then I suppose I should do it. “Okay.”

He places a hand on either one of my shoulders and then gazes straight into my eyes. His are stone grey and mesmerising like Delilah’s. He continues to gaze at me for at least thirty seconds and then quite outrageously he demands, “Take off your dress.”

I can’t answer, and for a moment almost completely against my will I feel like I’m actually going to do it. But then I snap myself out of it.

“No chance.” I tell him. “What is with you people?”

“Quite amazing,” he says looking gob smacked. “How do you do that?”

“Well excuse me, but I don’t strip off at the command of strangers. Can I go now?”

“That was the deal.”

“You’re not letting her go until you find out where she lives, Ethan,” says Lucas, still sitting in his chair.

“Don’t presume to tell me what to do.”

“He’s right,” says Delilah. “She could be a useful study, I have never come across one so unresponsive before, and judging from the fear I can smell radiating from her she’s not going to be coming back here any time soon.”

The blond seems to be mulling it over, then he nods and turns back to me. “May I have your address?”


“Pretty please,” and he strokes his hand down my arm, causing my heart to race.

“I don’t know you, any of you, and I’m not reckless enough to go handing out my address to strangers.”

“Then let me drive you home.”

“Very funny.”

“Is that a yes?”

“Jesus, don’t you ever give up?”

“It’s settled then, I’ll drive you home.”

“I’ve already got a ride home thanks.”

“Well now you’ve got a better one, besides, you’re not leaving until you agree.”

“I’ll scream.”

“No you won’t, don’t deny it Tegan, you want me to drive you home.”

I make a run for the door, but he’s too quick and a second later he’s holding me to his chest.

“Now, now, there’s nothing to be frightened of.”

His fingers are trailing up and down my back, and when they graze my arm my entire body trembles. I can’t help it, despite how crazy it is, I am incredibly attracted to this man. As if sensing my thoughts he lets out a low growl.

Delilah stands up then and says, “Come Lucas, leave them.”

Grudgingly, Lucas gets up too and follows Delilah out the door. When it shuts closed, the blond lets go of me.

“Have you calmed down?”


“Are you going to cooperate?”


He leans into me, his golden locks flop down over his face, exuding sex. “Are you going to let me escort you home?”

“All right then.” It may seem as though I’m giving in simply because he’s a good looking man. I may be shallow, but I’m not that shallow. I need to get back to my apartment. Back to my safety net, my box. It was foolish of me to think I could do this. Foolish to think I could ever leave.

“Don’t act like you don’t want me to, I can smell your attraction.”

“What is it with the smelling emotions thing? Because the last time I checked that wasn’t possible.” I may be attracted, but that’s only a blip on the radar compared to my panic. I won’t be able to breathe if I don’t get home soon.

“Just a figure of speech,” he smirks. “Come, we’ll go tell your friends I’m taking you home.”

“You’re giving me a lift, that’s all.” I say, narrowing my eyes at him.

“Of course. I’m Ethan by the way,” he says valiantly.


“Just thought you’d like to know, since you’ll be moaning it later on.”

“The only way I’ll be saying your name will be to report it to the police if you try anything psycho.”

“No, that’s not how it will happen.” He tells me, very matter of fact and then goes over to his desk, grabs a light grey zip-up hoodie, puts it on and ushers me out of his office.

Nicky is more than relieved when I return to our booth with Ethan beside me.

“Where the hell were you? I was worried.” She says, pulling me into a hug.

“Nowhere, listen, I’m going home now.”

“Are you getting a cab?”

“I’m going to drive her,” says Ethan, and suddenly Nicky is aware of the man standing beside me. Anybody else would have clocked him straight away, but Nicky doesn’t notice men all that much, even the madly attractive ones.

“Oh,” she says smirking. “Okay, well, have fun.”

“We will,” says Ethan, and before I can argue he’s linked his arm through mine and we’re halfway out of the club.

Ethan’s car is typical of a night club owner, a fancy silvery black Cadillac with heavily tinted windows.

“Well at least your car windows are reassuring,” I say sarcastically.

He turns to me as I’m fastening my seat belt in the passenger seat, suddenly completely serious, and says, “No harm will come to you when you’re with me.”

“Okay,” I reply, widening my eyes at him.

“So, where to?” he asks.

“Singe Street, Riverdale Apartments.”

“That’s not a very good area,” he says, his voice concerned.

“Well I’m a student, it’s all I can afford.”

“What do you study?”

“Art History.” I answer.

“Do you enjoy it?”

“Yes, I mean I did, but I haven’t been to my lectures for the past while.”

“Why not?”

“Long story.”

“Enlighten me.”

“No chance.”

We’re both silent for a few minutes as he drives in the direction of my street.

“You said that this is the first time you’ve been outside in some time, why is that?”

“As I said, it’s a long story.”

“I’d like it if you told me.”

“Seriously, what is your deal?” I say in frustration and drop my head into my hands. “I don’t get any of this, why is it so important that you find out where I live? I’ve been through a difficult time lately so I just want to be left alone. I didn’t even want to go out tonight, but my friend convinced me it would be good for me. And now I’ve got three strangely intense people just dying to find out where I live, and it’s all just too much right now, so please, just drive me home and stop asking questions.”

“You finished?” he asks, grinning.

“Are you making fun of me?”

“You’re cute when you’re all frustrated. I could help you with that you know.”

I sigh heavily, and don’t bother answering back. He seems to be enjoying my annoyance far too much.

When he pulls up outside my apartment block I begin unfastening my seat belt but he grabs my arm. “Allow me,” he purrs.

“Sure,” I say, just wanting to get home and go to bed.

“Are you going to invite me in?”

I have to admit, the idea is a promising one. Not promising enough though. I don’t think any man will ever be able to wash away the marks Matthew left behind. “Are you trying to make a fool of me?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“Because I can’t understand why a hot shot night club owner would want to spend time with a girl who looks like she hasn’t slept in a year, is wearing her best friend’s clothes that don’t even fit her properly and lives in a shitty area, when there are so many beautiful women in the VIP section of your club who would probably sell their granny for a night with you.”

“I find you interesting,” he looks down at me. “And your clothes fit perfect as far as I can see.”

“Did I say how weird I think you are?”

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